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WAXHAW, NC – “Meet Monica, the Energetic and Loving Labrador Retriever/Shepherd Mix! Monica is a stunning Labrador Retriever/Shepherd mix with a heart full of love and a spirit brimming with energy. This 1-and-a-half-year-old beauty is eagerly awaiting her forever home, where she can share her affection and zest for life with a loving family.

Monica’s well-mannered nature is evident from the moment you meet her. She is housetrained, making her an excellent companion for those seeking a four-legged friend without the worries of training a puppy from scratch. Her kind and gentle disposition make her an ideal addition to any household, particularly one with children.

With her medium build and a weight of 50 pounds, Monica is the perfect size for cuddles and playtime. She thrives on outdoor activities and would flourish in a home with a secure, fenced yard where she can indulge in her playful nature. A yard would also provide her with ample space to zoom around and burn off her abundant energy.

While Monica is undeniably delightful on her own, she has expressed a longing for a fur sibling. She thrives in the company of other dogs and would adore a four-legged friend to join her in adventures, both big and small. Her affectionate nature and friendly demeanor make her an excellent candidate for a multi-dog household.

Monica’s future family should be prepared to provide her with regular exercise and mental stimulation. Long walks, games of fetch, and even interactive toys would keep her happy and content. This beautiful girl will reward her new family with endless love, loyalty, and an unwavering devotion.  If you’re searching for a loving, housetrained, and child-friendly companion, Monica might just be the perfect match for you. Don’t miss this opportunity to bring home a bundle of joy who will be forever grateful for your love and care.”

To inquire about adopting Monica, please head over to to submit an application today. Hurry, because this wonderful girl won’t be available for adoption for long!

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Tara Botero
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