10 Questions to Ask Your Business Every Day

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Things occur in business that you could not have imagined or planned.

Sometimes these situations put us in a spot of not knowing what to do or being stuck. Are there areas of your business that you say things like “I can’t” “I don’t have time,” or you would rather just not even think about this or that? This will limit the success of your business.

It is time to break the habit and ask a question instead.

1. How does it get any better than this?
Ask this with EVERYTHING. Seriously even when it is bad this statement is true.

2. What else is possible?
Isn’t that true that we don’t know what a day might be like? What else could happen and it could be a step in a positive direction.

3. What would it take to destroy and uncreate my relationship with my business every day?               This question will change the energy of your business. It is looking at it from fresh eyes every single time.

4. What is right about this I am not getting?         When something does not show up the way you think it should, ask this question. There is a right in everything.

5. What choices do I have with my business that others don’t?
This will allows you to recognize what is unique about you and your business, and begin to take advantage of that difference to create more.

6. What does the business require of me today?
What do I need to get done? But listen to the answer.

7. If money/time/resources were not the issue what would I choose?
Money, time and resources are usually the issues we have with the business. Instead of deciding something is impossible, ask this question.

8. “What would it take for ____ to show up?”
Get out of your head and beyond the limitation of your imagination.

9. What information do I need to expand my business right away?
Looking for new ideas and inspiration will allow you to be in the constant mode of creating.

10. “What questions can I ask today that would contribute to my business?”
This is a question you can ask when you don’t know what to ask for.
This list is a guideline to gather information and create awareness around the possibilities and to give you more choices.

Christina Moubarak is a Business and Marketing Coach. She can be reached at cmoubarak@virtualsmedia.com

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