You’re in Good Hands with Bob Lucas

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I met with Bob Lucas just after Labor Day. He said he’d been busy.

“Relaxing over Labor Day Weekend?” I asked.

“Nope,” he replied. “Helping our East Coast folks recover from the hurricane. A lot of cars got flooded.”

There are two main times I think about my insurance: when I pay the bill and when something bad happens. During those hard times, it’s good to know that I can count on people like Bob Lucas to help me get my life back to normal, while everyone else is on vacation.

But Bob doesn’t just help people through his Allstate Agency here in Mint Hill. He also has a heart for giving back to the community. We talked about where it all started for him.

Born in Kentucky, Bob recalled spending summers with his grandfather, an insurance agent, in London, KY. His office was across from the stockyard, and Bob remembered the days when folks would come to buy cattle…and drop off their insurance premiums.

As an adult, Bob took a job with Galls, Inc., which he described as a “Mom and Pop” uniform sales company. In this line of work, he sold uniforms to police, EMS, and firefighters starting in 1979. As the business grew, it started selling body armor as well. Bob realized that the policemen were trusting him to sell them a high quality product. It was as if they were putting their lives into his hands by trusting his product to protect them. Through that job, Bob developed a great respect for people who work in public service – the people who go toward the fire to put it out, rather than run away from it. He saw firsthand how vital it is to give back to the community.


Bob has had many opportunities to give back to Mint Hill and the surrounding communities in his nearly seven years with Allstate. He and some of his staff were at the inception of the Kilah Davenport Foundation almost four years ago. Through the efforts of the foundation and support from people like Bob, “Kilah’s Law” in North Carolina increased the amount of time a convicted child abuser spends in prison.

One of the projects that is near to Bob’s heart is Hometown Heroes, an organization dedicated to helping children with terminal illnesses. Bob showed me the ink on his right leg, which stands as a memorial to the nine family members he has lost in his life to cancer, including his first wife. “And already, I have to add two more,” he said, speaking of two of his brothers-in-law who recently lost their battles to the disease. He wants people to know that they’re not alone. He has dealt with cancer on a deep, personal level. He wants to help other families make it through this tough time.


“Even though we’re affiliated with a national brand, we’re still small business people,” Bob said. The Bob Lucas Agency has supported various projects such as the Blessed Assurance Adult Day Care in Charlotte and Mint Hill Arts. And he encourages his entire staff to give back to the community, allowing time off to volunteer with their churches or other organizations. Even now, Bob is actively looking for non-profit, 501(c)(3) organizations focusing on youth and health care for grants that he distributes each year in partnership with the Allstate Foundation. Because of the work they do in the community, Bob and his staff were presented with an award from the Allstate Eastern Territory President for giving back to the community in 2015.

Besides all of the work Bob does in the community, he also has a passion to educate people on their insurance coverage. I asked Bob what he most wanted Mint Hill residents to know about what Allstate can offer.

“The most important thing we do is offer life insurance,” Bob noted. “I get pretty serious about that. It helps me sleep better at night knowing if something happens to me, my wife is taken care of, and the house is paid off.” Bob felt that this message is especially important for young people. “It’s so affordable when you’re young.”

Bob also stressed how important it is for folks to understand first what services they are paying for and then what changes are coming up in their lives. For example, the time to plan for insurance when there’s a teen driver in the house is before the teen starts driving. The same is true with couples planning on having children. Bob and his staff are there to help people navigate through the stages of their lives, helping them plan for insurance needs down the road.


Are you in Good Hands? If you have questions about your insurance coverage, The Bob Lucas Agency with Allstate is here to help with 2 locations in Mint Hill and Matthews. Bob or a member of his staff would be glad to sit down with you and talk about your unique situation. They can help you come up with a plan that meets all of your insurance needs. Call them today at (704) 573-1113.

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