Wake Up And Smell The Coffee–And So Much More!

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You may not have noticed Madison’s, right over the border from Mint Hill on Idlewild, but those who have found it almost always become “regulars”.  It would take several trips to explore the plethora of delicious choices for breakfast, lunch, or dinner–or just one of their coffees from Costa Rica, Guatemala, Equidor, or other prime places south of the equator. And beyond the conventional way to serve coffee, you can also get espresso, macchiato, iced coffee, and frozen java.

All their employees have gone to special training to become baristas, the art of preparing and serving coffee. Don’t drink coffee? They have an impressive list of teas to choose from. Don’t want to get out of your car? They have a drive thru!

John and Kelly Patriello, owners, bought Madison’s in September of 2015, and have added their own individual style to the the premises. “Kelly does the decorating and I do the buying,” John said, trying to explain some of the shared duties of a couple owning such a venue. “We actually work quite well together,” he added.

When the Patriellos are not at Madison’s, they can be found at concession stands at Checkers games, gun shows, RV shows, and other locations selling “carnival food,” such as nachos, glazed nuts, and funnel cakes. They also budget their activities so they can have some “family time” with their 11-year-old daughter, Brooklyn.

Patrons get in as early 6 a.m, to get a caffeine boost or some breakfast. Those morning choices include New York bagels from the Bronx, breakfast sandwiches, quiche, waffles–and who can possibly resist the mini donuts made fresh and warm from as ordered? Later in the morning, an assembly of moms and children may come in for the moms to socialize and the children to have a place to play with the games and toys Madison’s provides, or to write on the giant chalkboard. Or perhaps you’ll find a Bible study group or a bevy of knitters. The space can also be rented out for bridal or baby showers, club meetings and other events.

By the late morning, hungry patrons start queuing up for lunch and more choices. Egg, tuna, and chicken salad are on the menu board, along with BBQ and now, hot dogs. Or they can skip lunch and enjoy dessert first with an array of Mooresville ice cream.

As if that were not enough, Madison also gives you a “shopper-tunity”, with a number of items to purchase, such as local honey from Barry’s Bees, handbags purposed from coffee sacks for a worthy cause, and a large variety of signs for decorating the home or office.

Come in on a Friday and you just may encounter a princess or a superhero there to entertain the children. Wednesday evenings brings the open mike, and a chance to see local talent perform, and karaoke may not be far behind. A local artist schedules “Canvas and Coffee”, where participants can experience a painting lesson while enjoying a cup of joe. Go to their Facebook page for a schedule of events.

Madison’s is located at 7878 Idlewild and is open Monday through Friday, 6 to 6, Saturday 7 to 6, and Sunday, 8 to 5.

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