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You may think you know Pilates until you meet Cindi Began, then you may find there is much more to it than there might appear. Cindi owns and operates Vital Movement Pilates, LLC, which combines Pilates and integrative physical therapy to aid in improving mobility, minimizing physical discomfort, and can be the panacea for a number of conditions that affect health and well being.

Cindi wears more than one hat: she is a licensed physical therapist, a certified Pilates instructor, and a certified strength and conditioning specialist. Cindi said, “Pilates is deceptively challenging. It’s not Yoga, and its not just stretching. It works the full body as a unit rather than isolating one muscle group. It works your deep stabilizing muscles to prevent injury.” Much of the movement centers around strengthening the core. “Strong abs are vital to back pain prevention.”

Pilates based physical therapy deviates from traditional physical therapy in that it concentrates on the whole body rather than just the injured area. “As crazy as it sounds,” Cindi said, “a shoulder injury can result from a hip dysfunction—even when there is no pain in the hip.” She added that your vision and balance play a role in your mobility.

What sets Cindi’s approach apart? “I take into consideration how the whole body moves. I am always assessing the client’s gait and movement rather than looking at a computer to document.” Based on that, Cindi will design a program tailor made for each client. Unlike traditional physical therapy, Cindi does not take insurance, so the client is not limited by what insurance will allow.

Ginger Monette, a client of Cindi’s, was experiencing extreme lower back pain that was limiting her mobility. She said, “Through coming to Cindi, I am able to climb the stairs like a normal person. When I leave here, I don’t feel beat up, even though it was a good workout. I have learned that I can get more results with fewer repetitions if I am doing the exercise correctly.”

Cindi has a wealth of knowledge and training in so many areas. She even had a brush with fame when Kristi Yamaguchi needed help with her “turn out” as she was slated to appear on “Dancing With the Stars.” Cindi worked with Kristi to get her balance and muscles aligned for the difficult days of training ahead. By the way,Kristi won that year.

Cindi has addressed issues of scoliosis, osteoporosis, athletic performance, and urinary incontinence, plus a number of other conditions. Her rate is $65 per session, or $550 for 10 sessions, with a free 11th session. She can be reached at or at 919-621-3708.

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