Vintner’s Hill Grand Re-Opening and Ribbon Cutting

Owners, Chamber of Commerce members, and patrons alike share in the joy of the ribbon cutting at Vintner's Hill.
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Spring is upon us here in Mint Hill. It is a time of refreshment and new beginnings, and there was no better example of both than the Grand Re-Opening of Vintner’s Hill this past Saturday, March 24th. Although the new owners purchased the business towards the end of last year, they wanted to honor their venture with a party and a ribbon cutting.

One of the hosted wine vendors pours a sample glass for a customer.

The Grand Re-Opening was a celebration of everything that Vintner’s Hill has become known for in the last six months. The business hosted four wine vendors and ran a deal for each of the patrons. For twenty-five dollars, an array of wines – five to six varieties from each vendor – was available to sample. “It’s like a mega wine tasting. And you get the chance to try all these great flavors, most of which Vintner’s now carries,” one of the vendors shared. “It should be easy to find a favorite.”

The celebration also featured live music. Vintner’s Hill keeps several Charlotte area musicians on a rotation. Live music is a staple of Vintner’s Friday evening night life. In fact, some of the event’s attendees found out about the Re-Opening because of this very feature. “My friends and I come here a lot to hear our buddy Rod play. They told us about the wine sampling deal, so we decided to come today as well,” says Mint Hill community member, Jessica Walters.

During the Grand Re-Opening the musical stylings of a Mint Hill local, Derek Murray, played into patrons’ ears. “I play here once a month or so. I live just up the street, so it’s always fun to play to fans and faces I recognize.” Murray shares. One of the fans in the front row was a Vintner regular and Derek’s mother. “I’ve been here before and I really like it,” she smiles.

One of the owners, Liane Cook runs around helping serve drinks and food. “We have been growing like crazy the past two months. It has been very exciting.” She laughs as a customer accidentally bumps her serving arm. “This location has been amazing. Even though it is a little tight, it’s a good problem to have. It is just what we need!”

Members of the Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce agree with Liane’s assessment. “We come here pretty often. We love it. We even have had a few committee meetings at this very table.” Chamber member Phil Angelo exclaims as he puts his palm down on the beautiful wooden table that sits in the middle of the space. “I also think the awning and the fire pits were great additions. Making that outdoor seating available no matter what the weather is almost doubles the space they have for entertaining.”

Another member of the Chamber, Jennifer Manchester, claims her favorite time to come to Vintner’s is in the morning. “It’s a nice, quiet place at that time. I love to meet here, have my chai tea latte, and talk with friends.” Manchester also believes the new ownership is what has made the difference to her. “Chris is so passionate. He really wants to be involved and hands on. He really is meeting a need in Mint Hill by providing this place.”

Owner Chris Coy proudly shows off a new appetizer: pretzel bread and beer cheese.

“Our new slogan is “Where community and fun come together” and I think that is what the people of Mint Hill have been looking for – a great place where they can enjoy their friends, food, and just have fun and learn about all the different wines.” Chris beams as he cuts the ribbon and marks the official opening of his Mint Hill business. “We’re just grateful and blessed to be a part of such a wonderful community.”

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