Vintage on the Hill: A hidden gem in Mint Hill

Vintage on the Hill offers vintage and antique furniture and home decor.
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If you don’t know where to find Vintage on the Hill, you’re not alone – but you’re also missing out.

The vintage and antique furniture and decor shop is tucked away behind Pottery 51 on Matthews-Mint Hill Road.  “Here’s what I tell people,” says owner Pam Eggleston. “If you know where the Woof ‘n Hoof is, in between the Woof ‘n Hoof and the Pottery 51/Bull Moose building, you turn that driveway down and go around to the back, and that’s where we are.”

To get to Vintage on the Hill, turn down the drive between Woof ‘n Hoof and Bull Moose Guns. The entrance is located on the back of the building near Mint Hill Yoga.

Vintage on the Hill’s Mint Hill showroom opened its doors in the fall of last year.  At the time, Mint Hill was a satellite location for the original shop in Midland. Eggleston and daughter Molly Easter, the creative mind and work force behind Vintage on the Hill’s refinishing projects, recently made the decision to close down the Midland location, and they’re eager to show Mint Hill what they have to offer.

“I’m not sure that people understand that we sell furniture!” says Eggleston.  “We actually go to estate sales and auctions, and we get furniture, and some of it we redo before we put it out, and some of it, if it’s in good enough shape, we put it out, and if somebody wants something done to it, we can do that.”

An example of one of Vintage in the Hill’s refinished pieces.

“A lot of people come in and they look at everything on top of the furniture,” echoes Eggleston, “but we do actually sell the pieces that all the home decor is on.  And we also offer custom refinishing.”

Some of the pieces for sale at Vintage on the Hill are left “as is” for display, able to be customized to the buyer’s wishes.

Vintage on the Hill currently has a large selection of vintage pieces as well as some antique pieces on the floor.  They carry many buffets and dressers, some already refinished and some waiting to be repurposed to the customer’s need and taste.  Buffets, for example, are often repurposed into bathroom vanities or entertainment centers. “There are lots of possibilities,” says Eggleston.

This dresser is slated to be repurposed into an entertainment center with space for a DVD player and other electronics.

Vintage on the Hill also works with customers to refinish and repurpose their already-loved pieces.  “For somebody who comes in and doesn’t have time or just doesn’t really want to refinish their own piece, they can bring their piece to us and we will refinish it however they want to,” says Easter.

One of the store’s biggest sellers right now is Farmhouse Paint, a brand made specifically for painting furniture.  “Nobody in the area sells it right now,” says Eggleston. “We can’t keep it on the shelves!”

Vintage on the Hill is the only local retailer to sell Farmhouse Paint.

For DIY-ers interested in restoring their own pieces, Vintage on the Hill offers two different painting classes.  In the beginner “Paint a Piece” class, participants bring a small piece they want to refinish, and Easter introduces them to the Farmhouse Paint and goes over basic techniques for painting furniture.  “When you leave, you actually take a finished product home with you,” says Easter, “and hopefully feel more comfortable using the product.”

For experienced DIY-ers, Easter offers a “Finishes” class that teaches many of the decorative finishes you’ll find on rehabbed pieces in the store.  Unlike the “Paint a Piece” class, students won’t bring home a finished product, but they will experiment with four or five different finishes and bring home samples.  “Molly is so good at explaining the whole technique and giving you all the possibility of things you can do and the way you can do it,” says Eggleston.

Vintage on the Hill is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.  The next “Paint a Piece” class will be held on April 1, and there are still spaces available.  Keep up with what’s happening at Vintage on the Hill on their web site ( or on Facebook (@vintageonthehill).

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