Tips from the Pros at Reliable Landscape Services

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Spring may turn a young man’s thoughts toward love, but early February is the time to turn thoughts toward your lawn. Specifically, what should you be doing to prepare for the coming Spring season? Mark and Paul Slowikowski, the brothers and co-owners of Reliable Landscape Services, have the answers your family and your lawn need.

With over twenty years of experience in the landscaping business, the Slowikowski brothers are a veritable well of helpful knowledge. Their skill level, service record, and work ethic are equally as impressive. “We grew up in a hard-working family.” Mark shares. “Our Saturday fun time was spent planting trees, seeding and mowing grass, building backyard storage sheds – working in the yard was our family hobby.”

When the two moved their company to Mint Hill in the summer of 1999, they brought that passion for excellence with them. “We’ve always seen Mint Hill as a hidden gem,” Paul explains, “a diamond in the rough. We’ve really loved watching this city grow.” And Reliable Landscape Services has grown right along with their town. During the time the company has been here, it has expanded from one truck to five and from serving a few local residents to multiple residential and commercial properties.

An “after” photo of a backyard lawn leaf removal completed by Reliable Landscape Services

“No matter how much we grow, though, we’re committed to a quality customer service experience.” Mark affirms. “I mean, there aren’t many places you can call and talk directly to the CEO of the company.”

“Absolutely.” Paul adds in, “For us, the customer is the base of the company. If our customers are pleased, we are pleased.”

So, how can Reliable Landscape Services help you? With some basic tips for your winter yard. “In preparation for spring, you really need to go ahead and cut back your roses and other perennial plants. Whatever limbs you can safely reach with a ladder, you should trim to help your trees. It is also vital – really, imperative – that you get a limestone treatment in place to prevent soil acidity. You want your soil acidity levels to range between 5.5 to 6.5 on the PH scale.” Mark professionally ticks off the list. “Pre-emergent crabgrass preventer is important, too. Grassy weeds are aggressive down here in North Carolina.”

“Yeah, and the weather is a roller coaster,” Paul interjects, “Preventative measures are necessary. It’s still early enough that another deep freeze could be coming. Safeguard your azaleas with a sheet or some kind of protective covering if you can.” Of course, you can just hire Reliable Landscape Services to do this work for you. In fact, it would be their honor to help out anybody who needs it. “We want each and every yard to be amazing. We are very proud of our work, of what we’ve done, and we don’t see any sign of slowing down.”

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