Thomas RV Rentals Finding Your Perfect Getaway Adventure

RV Rental just returned to lot.
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Thomas RV Rentals is located in Mint Hill and operated by owner Kathryn Rohera offers their customers many different kinds of opportunities to experience a different family or personal getaway for those who are adventurous.

If your adventure is to go camping in the mountains, beach, attend a sporting event or to take a trip cross country a camping excursion just might be an economical and enjoyable alternative.

RV’s on lot for rent.

Kathryn and her staff would enjoy introducing you and your family to a variety of RV’s which are perfect for any outing or vacation.  The company has been in business for a long time and are experts with helping you select the best motor home that would meet your particular needs.

Thomas RV Rentals offers motor homes and coaches in various sizes.  Their are travel trailers, motor homes ranging from 24′ to 40′ in length.  The fleet has been upgraded over the past three years and is virtually in excellent mechanical condition and clean inside for living while on the road.

Large RV unit on lot.

They offer short-term and long-term rentals for special events, vacations, family trips, travel across the United States and provide special usage to home builders who rent some of their units as a temporary pre-sales or sales office.  Also, the company provides minor repairs, winterization, detailing, interior and exterior cleaning services to RV owners in the local area.

Another service offered is the climate controlled Gaming Control Party RV which provides video games with all the latest consoles and games available in the market, including virtual reality.  They do all the work as there is no set-up or clean-up for the renter.  It is guaranteed fun for kids parties without the hassle of having to entertain or clean-up after the party.  You can enjoy the party instead and pull off a successful event.

Gaming Control RV unit.

Kathryn would also like to pay tribute and thank the original owners Mr. Geoff Thomas and his wife Missy for making the transition of ownership smooth and transparent.  Mr. Thomas passed away in 2012 and was an inspiration.

Please contact Bonnie Taylor, Manager for any information regarding RV rentals at 704-545-2452.  Their websites are, and www.Gaming

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