Seeking Business and Brand Alignment with A-Lined Consulting, LLC

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There’s nothing worse than running a failing business, but what better way to make it thrive than outsourcing to an expert that is trained to see the internal holes and develop ways to fill them?

That’s exactly what newly established A-Lined Consulting, LLC aims to do.  With a focus on management consulting and brand awareness, Owner Tanya Thompson embarked on this new business venture as of this past August, and has hit the ground running!  With 20 years of working experience in project management and event planning, plus an MBA education, Thompson and her company are well-suited for success.  A-Lined Consulting specializes in identifying gaps in business logistics, enhancing customer service, and building brand awareness, all with an overarching goal of optimizing company practices and reaching new customers.

The latter has come surprisingly quick for A-Lined, which now boasts four active clients and counting! There’s no typical profile for their clients, as they’re equally comfortable working with the new start-up, looking to develop and grow business from scratch, all the way to the established company hoping to grow profit share and enhance customer service.  Essentially, small and big companies alike with a focus on healthcare, service-based companies, and restaurants.

And while there’s certainly not a void of management consulting companies out there, what makes A-Lined Consulting unique is its focus on details and providing truly innovative solutions.

“We’re setting the bar in our solutions.  We don’t just want to give you the standard, but think outside the box to give you a new way to solve your problems,” states Thompson.

Solution-driven is what’s behind A-Lined Consulting’s slogan, “creating solutions to a-lineyour business towards success.”  A fitting name for Thompson, whose belief has always been that everything – business and personal life – needs to be in alignment in order to be successful.

That seems to be the case as A-Lined is off to a great start with continued client recruitment pending. If you’re interested in obtaining their services, they can be reached directly at 877-4A-LINED or  Moreover, when you follow and like their Facebook and Instagram pages throughout September and October, using their handle @alinedconsulting, they’ll be giving away free, preliminary consultations.

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