Morton’s Antiques & Crafts

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Technically Sisters-In-Law, Teresa Morton and Debra

Morton just call each other sisters.  They own Morton’s Antiques and Vintage on Main in Oakboro, NC.  Offering a wide variety of antiques and collectables, they say that most customers come in and browse and fall in love with something.  They also have active Facebook pages (Morton’s Antiques & Crafts and Vintage On Main) where they post finds and new inventory daily.


Teresa got into the antiques business first when she opened her own store after being laid off several years ago.  She had a few vendors for about a year and a half before being given the opportunity to take over the current location on Main Street with 30 vendors.  Realizing it was more than one person could handle, she approached Debra about joining her and together they opened Morton’s Antiques & Crafts on August 1, 2015.

Teresa says one of her favorite parts of the store is working with Debra. Once, a customer’s daughter had finished her lunch and put it behind the counter to be disposed of.  Debra was checking out another customer later that day, and instead of giving him his purchased items, she gave him the half eaten lunch!  He came in later that day to pick up his purchased items, but the sisters are still laughing about it!

Located on Main St in Oakboro, Morton’s Antiques is located in a historic building that was built in the early 1900’s and has hosted a hardware store and a grocery store over the years.  Now it houses an antique mall with over 30 vendors and a wide variety of antiques and collectables.

The Morton Sisters also take in consignment items and refurbish furniture.  Their husbands, Bobbie Morton and Richard Morton, do the bulk of the sourcing at auctions, estate sales, and garage sales.  Prices start at a dollar and go up from there but the Morton Sisters try to make sure that they always have affordable prices.  They want their customers to come in, purchase something, and be happy with their deal so they come back.  This is also why they offer a variety of furniture in different stages of refurbishment.  Some customers want to take things home and use them right away and others want to finish a piece themselves to match their décor.

Morton’s Antiques and Crafts also has a special welcoming committee, Paisley.  Paisley, a 9 month old Yorkie with a little bit of Poodle in her, has been coming into the store since she was 7 weeks old.  She loves to greet people at the door but, like any experience sales person, knows to let the customers browse.  She will be a year old on December 7th and will have a birthday party at the store.


Every 4th Friday, Oakboro hosts a “Cruise In” with antique cars, fast cars, custom cars, and anyone who just loves to cruise.  Morton’s Antiques and Crafts is open during the “Cruise In” for the foot traffic that comes to see the cruise.  They also are open during the Christmas Parade and the Independence Day Parade.  It is easy to make a day out of a trip to Oakboro.  Besides Morton’s Antiques & Crafts and Vintage on Main, there are several other local stores that are fun to browse around including a general store and boutique clothing shops.  And for lunch, there is a Chinese Restaurant next door to Morton’s, or a 24-hour Diner, located right behind Morton’s that offers freshly prepared home cooking.

Morton’s Antiques & Crafts is located at 122 North Main Street, Oakboro, NC 28129. Hours: Tuesday to Friday: 9-6 and Saturday: 9-4. Open late for special events.  Closed: Sunday and Monday.  Phone: 704-485-5641. Facebook: Morton’s Antiques and Crafts and Vintage on Main

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