Fighting Against the Dangers in Your Home

Dangerous Chemicals in the house.
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Some potential toxins and odors.
Watch out for children.

By: D. M. Wallace

We all know not to take a swig from the dusty bleach bottle under the sink, but what about our curious toddlers and our mischievous pets?  According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 374 children in the U.S. are treated in emergency rooms each day for poisoning.

Imagine all of the different household products that you use each day that could cause injury in the wrong hands.  From chlorine and ammonia to triclosan and formaldehyde, the chemicals we use to clean our homes and ourselves have proven,repeatedly, to be quite dangerous.  It’s difficult for a short article to educate you to all of the potential dangers in your cabinets; that’s why folks like Lynette and Thom Outen are so valuable to our community.

Their organization, Freedom and Independence Through Helping (FAITH), provides educational seminars to raise awareness of the chemical dangers in the home.  The Outens suggest and provide less toxic alternatives from the product line as this company prides itself on carrying cleaners, detergents and many other household products that are free of phosphates, parabens, chlorine bleach and a number of other common household toxins.

With so many complicated chemical compositions in our homes, it can be difficult to know what is safe and what isn’t.  Even our toothpaste recommends that we don’t swallow it!

As a result of the convolution of chemical names and the practices of large corporations, even someone that has the time to research a product would have a tough time decoding the jargon on the label.  The cyclopentasiloxane common in men’s deodorant, for example, is hard enough to pronounce and even harder to learn about.

Thankfully, there are some out there willing to take the time to learn about theses trange ingredients, how they can harm you and where they are.  Luckily enough, two of these people, Lynette and Thom Outen, are right here in the community with your family’s safety in mind.

For more information regarding this company, please contact, Lynnette Outen at 704-668-6354.

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