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Cor Fitness MMA recently opened in Mint Hill providing the community with the opportunity to experience a variety of family focused fitness programs.  “Having families experience fitness together is our goal.  Children who see their parents work hard to develop a strong mind and body emulate these behaviors throughout life,” said owner Tony Boncore.

Kids practice a technique.

We live in a time where technology is prevalent, it is impacting our daily lives significantly, so its becoming increasingly important to remain active and naturally keep our body moving and flexible.  Being healthy in body, spirit and mind is paramount to having a more active and rewarding life at any age.

Their programs focus on three principles discipline, loyalty, and respect.  The various training provided includes a variety of mixed martial arts and fitness classes.  Therefore, the following activities will apply no matter if you are a beginner or advanced.

  • Fitness Boot Camps
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Muay Thai Kickboxing
  • Wrestling
  • Self Defense
Two adult men working on a takedown.

The facility is extremely large 9000 square feet for a fitness and martial arts center that is able to accommodate a greater number of participants than the competition in the Charlotte area.  A separate area for boot camps and fitness is provided, 3500 square feet of floor mat space, and a relaxing area for parents and caretakers.  The main space is wide open with floor mats and plenty of area to hone in on developing and improving skills.

The professors and instructors are certified and

Young couple working on their skills.

first rate with decades of experience and awards in their professional area of expertise.  Tony Boncore, Owner, Professor is an enthusiast, has a passion for family fitness and is a master of the martial arts, Paulo Elsimaani, Owner, Professor is a fourth degree Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu black belt and holds a Pan American world champion and many other championship honors, while Alex Kearschner, Owner, Instuctor is a master of Karate and Kickboxing who currently holds multiple black belts.

Leo Viera instructing a class.

Recently Cor Fitness MMA held an event on Saturday April 8th when Multi-time World Champion and Checkmat Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu founder Leo Viera ran a seminar at their facility in a packed crowd ranging in age from young children to adults and even some senior citizens were on hand for the festivities. Tony’s spouse Brandi Boncore was on hand with their children assisting checking in the attendees who had come to meet and workout with Leo Viera.

Tony Boncore also recently was training and coaching North Carolina State 4A 220 pound weight category Wrestling Champion senior Xavier Lenear who was 47-0 from Independence High School to prepare him for the NHSCA Wrestling Championship held in Virginia Beach in late March.

Adult ladies practice a move.

Cor Fitness MMA is considering expanding into other market segments unique to Mint Hill for adults and seniors who are interested in cardio workout training and possibly Yoga classes down the road.

Cor Fitness MMA, a NAGA accredited school is located at 9229 Lawyers Road, Mint Hill, NC 28227.  Their telephone number is 704-815-3770, or go to their website at for more information.

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