COMPLEAT REHAB: New Therapist Brings Women’s Health Specialty

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Ariana Legatie, PT, DPT, has joined Compleat Rehab at their Mint Hill Center just in front of Town Hall. Her role will be Clinic Lead.

While Ariana is well qualified in all aspects of physical therapy, she is considered a Women’s Health Specialist. She addresses physical therapy needs of women who are pregnant, going through postpartum, or dealing with issues such as incontinence. “This started in France and has made its way to the States. For so long, women were told just to ‘deal with it’ when it came to these issues. Now there is specific physical therapy that addresses the backache of pregnancy, the common and painful results of childbirth, the challenges of incontinency, and more,” Ariana explained. “For so long these were taboo subjects, as many people are uncomfortable discussing bodily functions. I feel I am empowering women to help them help themselves to get better.”

Another relatively new area Ariana is well experienced in is called “Dry Needling,” which is similar to acupuncture with the use of needles to relieve discomfort. However, dry needling is quicker and more focused than traditional trigger point therapy. “As opposed to using meridian lines, we can hone in a specific muscle knot and bring more rapid results,” Ariana explained.

Ariana went on to mention some of the misconceptions about physical therapy. “Unfortunately, some people believe that coming to physical therapy once or twice a week is all they need to be restored to good health. Actually, they have to work in partnership with the therapist by doing prescribed exercises at home as well.”

Armed with attitude and a copy of an MRI, clients often come in as skeptics. “I love it when I can change a person’s mind about the benefits of physical therapy.” Ariana said. “People tell me I’m magic, but I tell them there is no magic to it–they simply did what I asked of them.” She went on to say, “My goal is to help people help themselves get better.” Successful physical therapy would apppear to be a team effort.

Business appears to be expanding, not just for Compleat, but for physical therapy in general. “It used to be that pain was primarily managed by medication, but with all the opioid addiction nowadays, some doctors are trying to steer away from that.” Ariana explained. “Another way to manage pain is through bedrest, but that often leads to muscle atrophy and decreased endurance.”

Ariana has been a physical therapist for four years, previously practicing in Washington, DC. “I felt like I was ready for a change, and every time I visited my brother in Charlotte, I would always think what a nice city it was.” She moved here in July and is quite happy with the transfer. “I love the slower pace, the friendliness of the people–and I especially love the diversity.” Fearing that, unlike D.C., she would only find southern cooking here, she was pleasantly surprised. “I love the cultural food options here. Who knew?”

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