Business still going strong

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About a year ago, David Bruner and his family opened Champion Garage Door.

The business, which is at 10320 Stornoway Court in Mint Hill, focuses on garage door installations, repairs and replacements.

Bruner has more than 20 years in the garage door business.

“I’ve always wanted to own my own business, my own company,” Bruner said while discussing what brought him to open Champion Garage Door.

According to the Champion Garage Door website, the company works to help customers develop custom garage doors to suit their businesses and homes.

The business is family run with Bruner’s wife and some of his children helping out here and there.

“I love it,” Bruner said while discussing working as a family.

What he enjoys most about Champion Garage Door is being able to own his own business. So far business has been good, he said.

Before getting into the garage door industry 20 years ago, he worked in the medical field. He worked with the Hospice Care industry and decided that he wanted to do something different, which led him to eventually open Champion Garage Door. He grew up in Charlotte and is glad to have the business in the area. Eventually he would like to expand it some, Bruner said.

Though he wants to expand, he does not want it to become a big business, he said.

“I don’t want to get huge, I just want to have a small company,” he said.

Currently Champion Garage Door is offering a special for February in which customers will receive a free garage door opener with the purchase of a new garage door, Bruner said.

The Champion Garage Door website features testimonials from customers who had good things to say about the company’s prices and practices.

To read the testimonials and for more information about Champion Garage Door visit or call 704-208-0582.

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