Winter Fire Safety Tips

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MINT HILL – Winter is upon us and the safety of the community is always the top priority of the Mint Hill Fire Department. During the winter season, they would like to remind everyone of vital tips to keep yourself, your family, and your home safe during the season.

outside recreational or warming fire device
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Tip # 1: If you utilize any type of outside recreational or warming fire device, whether it be a dug pit, a commercial steel type fire pit, or just a campfire, here are some guidelines to follow: Always must be at least 15 feet from any structure. Only only burn firewood in an outside fire pit. It is illegal in Mecklenburg County to burn any yard or construction debris/waste in an outside fire pit.  PLEASE assure that the fire is completely out before turning in for the night and never leave a fire unattended. One last thing to remember, PLEASE do not utilize any flame emitting device on a wooden deck or porch. The MHFD has already had more than one house fire in the past month caused by ashes left on the wooden deck outback.  

Tip #2: If the use of an electric space heater, as many do, please make sure that it is kept away from anything that could catch fire if it encounters the heater.  Draperies, clothes stacked too close to the heater, or placing any of the items like any paper products, any type of chemicals on the heater is very dangerous. Each one of these items is all example of dangerous items that should not be near a space heater. Only use heaters that have an automatic shut-off if tilted over. Always envision what may happen if a heater were to be tipped over while it is running if it would tip over onto carpet or other flammable materials. Most importantly, when you turn in for the night, ALWAYS TURN THE SPACE HEATER OFF. 

Tip #3  Please do not heat or supplement the heat in your home with ANY type of cooking device.  Ovens, stovetops, grills, should never be used as heating devices.  If you have no other way to heat your home, please contact us at MHFD or any Church or service organization, and let’s try to figure out a better way.  

 burn candles with a live flame
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Tip #4: If you burn candles with a live flame in your home, please keep them away from flammables, like curtains and draperies.  Also please keep them out of reach of children and pets that may knock them over. 

Tip #5: As always, we highly recommend that you have adequate WORKING smoke detectors in your home at all times.  If you have gas heat and/or gas appliances (including gas logs), or if your parking garage for your motor vehicles is attached to your home, please have working carbon monoxide detectors in your home.  

adequate WORKING smoke detectors
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We know that we have given you a lot of information here, but the reality is, these are all ways that your winter season can come to a disastrous end.  Like the insurance, commercial says: “We know a lot of things because we’ve seen a lot of things!” – Chief David Leath, Mint Hill Fire Department

From your Fire Department in Mint Hill, we wish you a great 2022!  If you need us, we will be here for you.

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