Building Modern Policing Techniques For A Better Tomorrow

Photo by Mint Hill Police Department
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MINT HILL, NC – Mint Hill Police Department is built on modern policing and is working to mirror the six pillars designed by President Obama’s task force implemented for the 21st Century policing systems. It is important for MHPD to implement and bring modern policing techniques to the community in order to be able to better strengthen the Police Department. It allows for the building of a stronger community while increasing accountability. The design also supports the safety of both the public and those serving our community. 

The Six Pillars Of United States Policing was designed after decades of research and includes the following.


Research modeled that the public is more likely to obey laws when they have faith that the ones enforcing the authority are legitimate. The nurturing of trust and the legitimacy between the community and law enforcement starts when the public has trust that they are being treated fairly and in a procedural manner. The model strives for diversity within the workforce and works to initiate positive activities and programs to engage with the community. The implementation of a variety of different programs is designed to build trust and legitimacy with the community.


The design of this pillar is to develop and make public the policies that have been implemented regarding the use of equipment, force, mass demonstrations, gender identification, racial profiling, consent before searches, and performance measure. 

The clear transparency of these policies reflects the value of the community. By design of this pillar, the objective of having clear and transparent policies allows the relationship between police departments and the community to be improved.


Technology is evolving every day, and ensuring that police departments implement new technology allows for a full opportunity for them to be able to fully engage and educate the community. Through the use of technology and social media, police departments are able to share their dialogue regarding expectations of transparency and privacy, and display their accountability.

This pillar models always strives to adopt and identify the use of new technology that improves effectiveness and progression with always keeping in mind the privacy of others and never imposing on the rights of each individual. 


Implementing a guiding philosophy that highlights the importance of our community policing for all community stakeholders is very important in the pillar design. This pillar is designed to allow the police departments to work directly with community members on identifying problems then working together to collaborate on implementing solutions. This pillar design also identifies that situations can be complex and require complex solutions. 

The community partnership is an approach for planning and implementing a focus on crime reduction through working together. Bringing together the community and police departments helps with making decisions and improving opportunities for the community to participate. It also promotes positive collaboration and improves the quality of life for everyone in the community. 


It is the commitment to the community that all police departments provide effective and professionally trained personnel to the community. The dedication to the community has put an emphasis on education in and out of the academy. 

This pillar has been designed to ensure that yearly training is implemented and that it addresses a wide variety of challenges within our community. The training addresses growing concerns and prepares the police departments with skills to be able to deal with a variety of situations and tactical skills for our growing community.


Supporting and implementing safety and wellness programs for all employees at the police department is a commitment addressed with this pillar. Each police department should strive to ensure safety and wellness at every level are addressed. Strategies should be implemented to address emotional, mental, and physical needs to allow for all personnel of the police department to be able to operate in a safe environment.

The Mint Hill Police Department and The Mint Hill Times are working together to ask for feedback from you on how well the Mint Hill Police Department aligns with the Six Pillars Of United States Policing. Please include examples of how you have seen each pillar implemented in our community and/or suggestions for improvement.  Please provide your feedback using the following Google Form:

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