Behind The Lines: Preparing Kids For Police Interactions

Photo by Mint Hill Police Department
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MINT HILL, NC – Recent studies by child psychiatrists show that it is very important that parents talk to their children about how to interact with the police. It is important for parents to be honest with their children from an early age and include age-appropriate details as the children grow older. Studies reflect that talking to children as early as 6 years old shows increased communication with police along with helping children stay safer in all environments. 

Interacting with police officers can cause emotions on both sides to be high. Talking about how both parties must be aware of how to control themselves is a great way to be proactive in teaching children about interaction in situations that can be hard for everyone involved. The calmer and more respectful both parties are, the more the outcome of the interaction can reflect positive enforcement for both.

Along with interacting with police, children should also understand the role of their profession in the community: how they are able to keep people safe and the role they play in the community outside of policing. There is a responsibility by the police to enforce the law and the responsibility of the community to respect the laws to keep each and every one of us safe. Often children may have fear levels of police officers that adults may not, and at times they may even fear that their parents could be taken away by authorities or hurt. Those are very unfortunate circumstances, but preparing children to interact with police officers helps calm common fears that they may have. It is also important that children are not taught the fear of police by threats of being taken to jail based on their behavior at home. 

Understanding policing and how the Mint Hill Police Department is working to serve the community is reflected by the citizens within the community. The Mint Hill Police Department and The Mint Hill Times are working together to ask for feedback from you. Recently, an article was published regarding how well the Mint Hill Police Department aligns with the Six Pillars Of United States Policing. We are asking that you please provide your feedback using the following Google Form: This information allows the Mint Hill Police Department to better serve the community and its citizens. We are asking for you to take just a few minutes and complete the form.

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