Behind the Lines: Michael Maness

Michael Maness
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MINT HILL, NC – Air Force Veteran, avid outdoorsman, husband and father of two: it’s time to introduce Mint Hill’s very own Joe Friday from the late but popular Dragnet television series, Detective Michael Maness.

Mike joined the Mint Hill Police Department in 2013 after relocating to the area from Moore County to settle down and start his family with his soon to be bride.  Prior to his policing career, Detective Maness was U2 Crew Chief stationed at Beale Air Force Base and served in Operations Iraqi Freedom, Enduring Freedom and Olive Branch.  His appreciation for the structure of the military ultimately led him to policing.  

He entered law enforcement serving with Whispering Pines Police Department in Moore County.  Mint Hill may not share in the hustle and bustle of larger metropolises, but it’s faster-paced than what Maness experienced in Whispering Pines!  Mike quickly adapted to the faster tempo of the agency, successfully achieving many goals along his way: Advanced Law Enforcement Certification from the North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission as well as his Advanced Investigators Certificate from the North Carolina Justice Academy.  

Mike’s investigative skills were appreciable, and it was only a matter of time before he would be assigned to the detective bureau. Over the past 8 years, Mike has been assigned to patrol with advanced ranks of Corporal, Sergeant and Lieutenant.  Mike holds instructor certifications in Taser and Oleoresin Capsicum, otherwise known as “OC” or “pepper spray.”  Detective Maness found his niche for thorough investigations and ultimately elected to step down in rank to be assigned in the bureau, where most of his focus today is on criminal investigations, repeat offenders and specific targeted property.  Detective Maness is a key player in the “Stratified Policing” model adopted in January, placing emphasis and accountability on specific divisions and personnel.    

“My goals are continuously changing as I adapt to being a father of a -5 and 3-year-old,” says Mike, “but I accept the challenges as I strive to be the example to my children all while appreciating the honor it is to serve others and have the fulfillment of being able to help people.”

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