Behind The Lines: Major Scott Hall

Major Scott Hall
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MINT HILL, NC – Meet Scott Hall, one of a select few who have remained with the Mint Hill Police Department’s since its creation. Scott is titled by the rank of “Major” but says the rank does not define him. If you have ever met Major Hall, you know he is a talker and what he stands for. “I’m a people person at heart,” says Hall.  “We live in a smaller world than we believe, and relationships are the core of my principles. I love talking to people and helping anyway I can.”   

Scott came to Mint Hill looking forward to the unique opportunity of helping to build a police agency. The biggest success, Scott says, is the relationships.  “We have lost many great people who were employees over the years,” says Hall, “but I’ve always admired those who carry out their oath of office helping others.”  

Scott passionately believes in leaving people better than when he found them, including interactions from a law enforcement standpoint. His office door is known to be open to anyone wanting advice or to address a concern, but Scott does much more than listening. Over the years he has served many roles from patrolling Mint Hill answering everyday calls for service all the way to working his way to the second in command. For those who know him, his faith and principles pour out of him. For those who work under him, his heart and purpose to help others pour out. 

With more than 27 years of service, the Major is not far from riding off into the sunset of retirement. He makes it clear he will not find a couch to sit on but will find work instead. “I was raised to give 110% and do the right thing for the right reasons,” says Scott. Though he has yet to define the real end goal regarding retirement, he knows he will find peace with helping others and spending time with his family. 

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Mary Beth Foster
Mary Beth Foster works part time as an essay specialist at Charlotte Latin School and full time as a mom to her eight-year-old daughter Hannah and her six-year-old son Henry. Prior to having children, she worked as a high school English teacher for nine years. Most recently, she chaired the English department at Queen's Grant High School. She and her husband have lived in Mint Hill with their children and their cats since 2011. Email: