Behind The Lines: Cassandra Scott

Officer Cassandra Scott
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MINT HILL, NC – Driven to build community relations and assist others in need beyond the basics of policing, Officer Cassandra Scott found herself pursuing a career in law enforcement to help others in need on the front lines.  After graduating from Sun Valley High School, Officer Scott says she knew she never wanted to sit behind a desk.  She obtained her undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice from Western Carolina and continued her education, obtaining her masters at Gardner Webb University in Social Work.  Immediately after completion, Scott enrolled in Basic Law Enforcement Training and has been employed with Mint Hill Police Department now for nearly 3 years.

Recalling her time as a young elementary student in Fort Lauderdale, Officer Scott remembers a female School Resource Officer who was also assigned as a canine officer.  Officer Scott said seeing a woman in law enforcement drove her to know she could do it, too.

Officer Scott knew Mint Hill was right for her early on when she had the opportunity to do a ride along and saw the importance of family with the officers who spoke about comradery amongst spouses and themselves.  She knew she didn’t want to be lost in the shuffle of so many officers at a larger agency but liked the opportunity to be so close to Charlotte and the opportunity to be proactive.  Cassie says, “I’m bored too easily and enjoy different tasks and challenges; therefore, Mint Hill is a good fit for me to do various things.”

Officer Scott describes her time with Mint Hill as an opportunity to find her niche through various roles, such as community events and recruitment.  “This career has been rewarding,” says Cassie.  “I’ve learned more about myself being a police officer, and I have enjoyed integrating both degrees in various situations.”  You can find Officer Scott in town often as she has assisted with various organizations such as raising money for the Special Olympics and, most recently, a food drive for families less fortunate and needing assistance.

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