Behind the Lines: Building Stronger Relationships With MHPD

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MINT HILL, NC – Are you or someone you know interested in being getting “behind the scenes” of the Mint Hill Police Department or just becoming more involved? If so, the Citizens’ Academy is the best place to start. The Academy is 10 weeks long and offers an in-depth review of procedures and ways to bring awareness to keeping yourself safer. Participants get the opportunity to experience walking in the shoes of a police officer and facing split-second decisions during controlled exercises. During the academy course, participants have the opportunity to meet many of the employees who work to keep Mint Hill safe, building stronger relationships with the Police Department and community. Due to limited seating, Mint Hill Police are planning on hosting two academies this year and are currently still taking applications for the spring academy beginning March 22.

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If the academy is not of interest, maybe you are interested in hosting the monthly Coffee with a Cop campaign. It has been designed to provide opportunities for community relations and/or to share concerns. This program historically focused on coffee shops and restaurants, but the Mint Hill Police Department is seeking more opportunities to participate in your neighborhood.

On February 23, MHPD will be at Chick-Fil-A at 4:00 pm, and on March 19 at 9:00 am at the Sunflower Café.  An April date is to be determined and will be held at the Police Department. For more information, contact

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