Behind The Lines: 2021 Departmental Awards

Zaida Employee of the Year
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MINT HILL, NC – Each year the Mint Hill Police Department is honored to be able to award officers and personnel for their outstanding service to the community and amazing acts of duty. 

Evidence Technician Zaida Bristol was named the 2021 Employee of the Year. This award is granted annually to a departmental member who has been recommended by their peers. The award is limited to one member, civilian or sworn officer. Peers recommending an employee for the Employee of the Year based their recommendation on the combination of yearly performance contributions to include dependability, investigative skill, exceptional incidents, judgment, initiative, professionalism, courage, and leadership.

Crime Analyst John White and Administrative Lieutenant Billy Gilman were honored with the 2021 Chiefs Award. This award is granted to any department sworn personnel or civilian member for their outstanding accomplishment that has resulted in improved administration, improved operations, or substantial savings in manpower or operational costs, wherein the member has gone far beyond the requirements of their normal assignment. This contribution results in more effective police service or outstanding police work that has brought great credit to the department in a case of unusual public interest. Recipients may be limited to one or multiple people.

Officer Wayne McChesney and Lieutenant Tim Lezette were given Lifesaving Awards. This commendation is awarded to a member for the actual saving or preservation of a human life or lives that otherwise would have immediately expired without the member’s direct involvement in providing first aid, or medical or physical intervention.

K-9 Sergeant Kyle Lang received the Top Gun Award. This award is granted to one sworn departmental employee yearly who is recognized for having the highest average score of all sworn departmental employees in firearms qualifications.

Commendations are awarded to members for continuous outstanding performance of duty. K-9 Officer Joseph McNamara was awarded for efforts with his assignment as the  Explorer Post Advisor and Officer Cassandra Scott was recognized for Community Outreach.

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