What Causes Eye Wrinkles?

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MINT HILL, NC – Before I dive into what hemp cream is and how it can help the skin around your eyes, let’s take a look at what exactly will cause those pesky wrinkles to appear there in the first place.

First, the skin around your eyes is the most delicate place on your body. The skin is thin and needs to be protected and treated gently. Because this skin is so tender, it is often the first place wrinkles will appear.

Second, you use your eyes all day, and in ways, you may not realize. Not only are your eyes working to see everything around you, but they also blink regularly and help express emotion. Your eyes even squint as you try to make out far-away things. All this use can cause wrinkles to start to form before you want them to.

Third, external factors such as UV rays, sun exposure, even genetics can cause the skin around your eyes to age quickly. That’s why protecting eyes with sunglasses is so essential when outdoors; it’s not just protecting your eyeballs but the area around them as well.

Finally, ageing is natural and, unfortunately, inevitable. Despite knowing everyone ages, many people still want to find ways to prevent it from happening or at least slow the process down, especially around their eyes.

Next week I will speak on ” What is Hemp Cream” so that you see the benefits of how it can help with eye wrinkles.

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