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Twenty five years of service

This is my 25th year as a doctor in Charlotte. A quarter of a century. Add in training and a brief stent in academics, and I’ve been practicing medicine for about 30 years. Why do we call it practicing? Despite continually trying for perfection, given the complexities of taking care of another human being it’s impossible to get everything exactly right­—and as soon as you think you do some bright person changes the rules with a new discovery or study result. I’m resolved to keep “practicing” trying to master my occupation until I retire my stethoscope—or whatever tool doctors are listening with at the time.

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Free health and wellness testing at Fall Fest in Mint Hill

On Saturday Carolinas HealthCare System held a Fall Fest. Free health and wellness testing and information was provided. In addition there was food, face painting, a bouncy house and pumpkin decorating.

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Carolinas HealthCare System brings jobs, emergency services to Mint Hill

By Michele Dotson

Keynote speaker Bill Leonard, president of Carolinas Medical Center-University, spoke on the state of healthcare reform and the impact Carolinas HealthCare System has on the Mint Hill area.

The April 24 Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce meeting was held at Pine Lake Country Club.

Leonard described how the unintended consequences of the 2,000-plus page healthcare reform bill have proved challenging, not only to consumers, but also to healthcare providers.

“For the first time ever, Carolinas Healthcare projected a loss based on cuts in government reimbursement for Medicare and Medicaid,” says Leonard.  […]

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