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North Carolina Alliance for Public Charter Schools holds two regional meeting

The North Carolina Alliance for Public Charter Schools  recently held two “Regional Roundtable” meetings in the state. They were part of a planned four school tour to reach out and listen to needs of charter school leaders.

Stops included Raleigh Charter High School and Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy in Henrietta, NC. One third of the state’s charters were represented at these two productive meetings. The Alliance plans to hold another eastern area discussion next followed by a Charlotte school hosting principals and school board members. […]

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CMS to remain open, weekend activities will be canceled

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools will operate today under a normal schedule. Schools with scheduled evening activities will continue at their regular times with the exception of the West Charlotte and Mooresville Senior High basketball game at Mooresville which has been cancelled. Due to concerns about inclement weather in the Charlotte metro region overnight and Saturday, all scheduled […]

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Indy students earn college credit

As of January 15, 28 juniors and seniors at Independence High School will have a college transcript to add to their high school transcript when they mail their college applications. These students participated in an online course 1st semester known as iSchool. Twenty-nine students participated in 32 classes and earned at least one college credit through the University of North Carolina @ Greensboro.
Independence introduced the Dual Enrollment program in the Spring of 2009 when Cynthia Wellner, AVID Coordinator at Independence, learned of the opportunity and launched it by offering it to a small group of AVID students. […]

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Off shore drilling panel meets (who knew?)

Remember all the talk about off shore drilling on North Carolina coasts? Back when gas prices were $4 a gallon, and many of us had to wait in lines to fill up our tanks, off shore drilling became a hot topic. Then gas prices came down, and all the sudden drilling for more oil was put on the back-burner. Or so we thought. A panel set up by Gov. Bev Perdue has met for the first time last Tuesday to weigh the pros and cons of drilling on our coast. The people of North Carolina, however, have made up their minds about drilling according to this Civitas poll.


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