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Mint Hill not the only town building a new town hall

Twelve miles down Albemarle Road, the town of Locust is also building a new town hall. The town hall used to be in a small building along Highway 200. However, when widening of 24/27 began several years ago, Locust was forced to move its town center to a new development just off 24/27. Ground was […]

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Myrick: no abortions on military bases

Myrick, along with 179 of her colleagues, sent a letter to House and Senate leaders stating opposition to an amendment that would allow abortions on U.S. Military Bases. There are two sides to this: Federal law says that abortion is a woman’s choice. However, should taxpayers have to foot the bill for something they find morally wrong? Not according to Myrick and many others. […]

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Butler cornerback interviewed at Nike 7 on 7 tournament

Dominique Brewer was one of the MVPs and the prestigious 7 on 7 football tournament at the Nike headquarters in Oregon last week. He’s got a couple of offers from colleges, but if the Butler trend follows, he should have more as the season goes on.

6Magazine + Dominique Brewer conversation from 6Magazine on Vimeo.

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Man shot last night near Mint Hill

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