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Change of heart? Library says it will explore alternatives to closing branches

The Charlotte Mecklenburg Library is pulling back the reigns on closing libraries. That’s according to a press release sent out today. Library officials said that because of the outpouring of residents who don’t want to see libraries closed, staff and the board of directors decided to reexamine its strategy. However, this doesn’t mean that services will not be disrupted.
Administrators caution that, in the face of a $2 million dollar reduction, there will still be tradeoffs between service at all 24 locations, convenient hours of operation, and the spectrum of services offered
A committee organized by Mayor Ted Biggers met last night to draft a letter to the board of commissioners and the library board of directors and discuss alternatives if the Mint Hill library closed. Click here for the committee’s Web site. The complete press release from the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library is after the break. […]

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Mecklenburg County Commissioner predicts good news regarding library

Mecklenburg County Commissioner Harold Cogdell, Jr said on Twitter Monday that he expects library officials to soon have hopeful words when it comes to closing libraries:
If I were a betting man I would bet that the Public Library Board will be announcing some good news regarding branch closings on Wednesday.

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Bill James responds to e-mails about library closings

County Board of Commissioner Bill James posted a Facebook entry Saturday responding to some 200 e-mails he has received regarding the library closings. In an attached PDF (which can be read here), James said the County cannot by law raise taxes in the middle of the year; it can’t sell the arena and it can’t […]

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Kids sell lemonade to save libraries

Kids at the Morrison Regional Library at South ParkĀ  sold lemonade today to raise funds to save the libraries. With a $2 million budget shortfall, it’s going to take a lot of lemonade.

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