Myrick Votes To Cut Congressional Budget

US Representative Sue Myrick (NC-09) voted today for a 5 percent across the board cut in the operating budget of Congress itself, immediately saving American taxpayers $35 million. It amounts to a drop in the bucket, but the symbolism of cutting money from Congress should pay dividends politically for Myrick and other U.S. Representatives who voted for it. Only 16 out of 423 voted against it.

“In our current economic climate, the American people have tightened their belts and are living on smaller budgets,” Myrick said. “It’s time for Congress to take a cue from them and do the same thing.”

The resolution reduces the budget of each Member, Committee and Leadership office by 5 percent of FY 2010 levels. It reduces the budget of the Appropriations Committee by 9 percent of FY 2010 levels.

Full text of the resolution can be found here.


Myrick named Vice Chair of Energy and Commerce Committee

US Representative Sue Myrick (NC-09) was named the Vice Chair of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce for the 112th Congress.

“I am honored to have been selected by my colleagues to serve in this position” Myrick said. “We currently face many challenges as a country, and I look forward to working with Chairman Upton and the Members of the Committee toward solutions and legislation that will benefit the American people.”

“Representative Myrick will be a tremendous asset as Committee Vice Chair, and I am pleased to have her as a member of our leadership team as we work to repeal the new health care law, protect the sanctity of life, cut spending, fight job-killing regulations, fortify our energy security, and help create jobs,” said Fred Upton, incoming Chairman of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.

Myrick also announced yesterday that she voted in favor of HR 4853, the Middle Class Tax Relief Act. Continue reading


Myrick: Health insurance mandate represents a loss of freedom

U.S. House Representative Sue Myrick released this video about the recent ruling by a Virginia judge who said the health coverage mandate in the new health care bill is unconstitutional. Other judges have ruled so far that it is constitutional, and the issue seems destined to move on to the Supreme Court.

Myrick argues that the mandate to buy health insurance violates the Interstate Commerce Clause in the Constitution.

Obama said the mandate is necessary because it helps to bring healthy people into the pool of the insured, thus lowering the rates for everyone. Under the Obama plan, if someone doesn’t buy health insurance, either through a private company or through the so-called health care exchanges, then they will be penalized with a tax.

Myrick disagrees.

“It’s wrong that the government now has the power to punish the American people for not purchasing a product, in this case, health insurance,” said Myrick.


Myrick votes against the DREAM Act

Sue Myrick (N.C. 9) voted against the DREAM Act last night, citing loopholes that will lead to amnesty for illegal immigrants. Myrick is the U.S. Representative for the Charlotte area, including Mint Hill.

“The DREAM Act is amnesty, plain and simple,” she said. “Once an illegal alien applies for citizenship under this bill, the government is prohibited from deporting him or her – no matter how fraudulent the claim – providing safe harbor and a pathway to amnesty for millions.”

The DREAM Act passed in the House by a vote of 216 – 198. However, it’s not expected to pass in the U.S. Senate.

For a good debate on the pluses and minuses of the DREAM Act, watch this video.


Myrick applauds DEA for banning synthetic marijuana

US Representative Sue Myrick (NC-09) today praised the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) for their decision to make illegal the possession or sale of synthetic marijuana and the chemicals used to manufacture this substance.

Earlier this month, Rep. Myrick wrote a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder urging the Department of Justice to prevent the distribution of this product, also known as “Spice” or “K2.”

“Given the unknown health risks associated with this new drug, I ask that you use any of your authorities – including adding this compound to the schedule of controlled substances – to prevent the distribution of this product. Continue reading


Sue Myrick votes early at the South Park library

If you are Sue Myrick, this is about the highlight of the election season: Voting early at the library. That’s because barring a catastrophe, she will easily get reelected to represent the 9th District for Congress. Myrick is so confident in her reelection that she’s hardly spent a penny on advertising. Her opponent, Jeff Doctor of Charlotte, seems like a capable candidate. But the suburbs and Gastonia are Myrick country and until she decides to retire, it’s safe to say she will keep getting reelected. Photographer Ed McDonald grabbed these shots of Myrick as she was coming out of the library after voting.