Myrick announces town hall meetings

US Representative Sue Myrick (NC-09) will hold three town hall meetings in the Ninth District to talk about health care reform with her constituents.

There will be a town hall meeting in Union County on August 25; Mecklenburg County on August 26; and Gaston County on August 27. Continue reading


Myrick health care amendment fails in committee

The amendment to automatically enroll the President, Vice President and all Members of Congress in the public option created by HR 3200, the America’s Affordable Health Choice Act, failed along a party-line vote last night.

The amendment – offered by Reps. Sue Myrick, Roy Blunt, Phil Gingrey and Lee Terry – was ruled not germane by committee leadership, and was tabled by a vote of 36-22.

“This shows that the majority is more concerned with pushing through a bill for political gain than with considering how it will affect the American people,” said Rep. Myrick. “The idea behind this amendment is most certainly germane to the conversation on health care reform. We’re taking away the choice of the American people with regard to their health care, and by not being allowed to even consider this amendment, we are telling the American people that the rules don’t apply to the people who make them. It isn’t right.”


Myrick announces new VA health care center in Charlotte

US Representative Sue Myrick (NC-09) announced last week that the Department of Veterans Affairs plans to build a new VA Health Care Center in Charlotte by 2013.

“This is really great news for veterans in our district,” said Rep. Myrick. “Our current Community-Based Outpatient Clinic does great work, but is not equipped to meet the needs of our growing veteran community in Charlotte. This new facility will ensure that our veterans have the quality care that they so deserve.”

The new health care center was a project listed in the 2010 Department of Veteran Affairs budget request sent to Congress earlier this year.


Myrick: “If American’s aren’t going to have a choice on health care after this, neither should we

US Representative Sue Myrick (NC-09) will offer an amendment next week to the health care reform bill currently being marked-up in the Energy and Commerce Committee.

The amendment will require the President, Vice President and all Members of Congress to enroll to in the public health care plan created by HR 3200, the America’s Affordable Health Choice Act. Rep. Myrick will offer this amendment with Reps. Roy Blunt, Phil Gingrey and Lee Terry. Continue reading


Myrick votes ‘no’ on energy bill

US Representative Sue Myrick (NC-09) released the following statement after voting against HR 2454, The American Clean Energy and Security Act:

“This bill was more than 1,100 pages of taxes on the American people.  Why would I vote for a bill that’s going to increase utility costs for families, increase operating costs for businesses, and undoubtedly cause jobs to go overseas?  Even in perfect economic conditions, that wouldn’t make any sense.”


Myrick Hosts government contracting and stimulus information seminar

US Representative Sue Myrick (NC-09) will host a Government Contracting and Stimulus Information Seminar in Dallas, N.C. on May 11. The seminar will highlight the basics of government contracting, business resources available in our area, and the impact of the 2009 stimulus on small businesses. Attendants will hear from presenters from: The Small Business Administration, The Small Business Technology Development Center, The N.C. Office of Economic Recovery and Investment, the Gaston College Small Business Center, the N.C. Military Center and the U.S. Export Assistance Center. Continue reading