Regulation of beauty pageants for girls 13 and under?

A bill proposed by Rep. Mobley would study the regulation of beauty pageants for girls 13 and under in North Carolina. From the bill:

SECTION 2. The Committee shall study the regulation of beauty pageants for youth under 13 years of age in North Carolina. In conducting the study, the Committee shall consider issues related to the following:

(1)        How youth under 13 years of age are affected by competing in beauty pageants, both positive and negative.

(2)        Any data regarding regulation of the beauty pageant industry in this State as related to youth under 13 years of age.

(3)        Legislation adopted by other states addressing the regulation of beauty pageants for youth under 13 years of age.

(4)        The appropriate agency to regulate the beauty pageant industry for youth under 13 years of age in this State.

(5)        The criteria under which beauty pageants for youth under 13 years of age should be regulated in this State, including minimum age requirements of participants, requirements for parental involvement, and any restrictions as related to the use of excessive makeup and competition focus areas.

(6)        Any other issues the Committee considers relevant to the study.


Got a lead foot? Better watch out for the next few weeks

Top Speed is coming closerGov. Bev Perdue announced today that the N.C. State Highway Patrol and the Governor’s Highway Safety Program are kicking off Operation Slow Down/No Need 2 Speed to catch speeders on North Carolina’s highways. Local law enforcement agencies will join troopers from now through April 12 to encourage drivers to slow down and follow the speed limit.
“North Carolina law enforcement will be going after speeders who recklessly endanger our citizens,” said Perdue. “Speed is the leading cause of crashes on our highways. I urge motorists to slow down and obey the speed limit. ” Continue reading


Myrick supports proposal to help homeowners

U.S. Representative Sue Myrick today announced her support of a proposal to stabilize the housing market through tax credits for homeowners and additional incentives for lenders to work with homeowners to avoid foreclosure.The proposal, crafted by House Republicans, would offer a $15,000 home-buyer credit for all home purchases for buyers who with at least a 5% down payment. This provision is identical to the Real Help for Homebuyers Act that Rep. Myrick introduced earlier this month. Continue reading


N.C. GOP to Dems: Support Obama on charter schools

Republican members of the North Carolina Senate and House of Representatives cited President Obama’s enthusiastic support for charter schools and called on their Democratic colleagues to join them in eliminating the charter schools cap.  Current N.C. law restricts the number of charter schools in our state to only 100.  A number of bills to raise or eliminate the cap are pending in the General Assembly. Rep. Jim Gulley and Sen. Eddie Goodall, both of whom represent the Mint Hill area, have led the fight in Raleigh to lift the cap on charter schools. Continue reading


Sen. Goodall wants to study if DMV should ask about living will

Sen. Eddie Goodall, who represents Mint Hill, Matthews, and some of Union County in the state legislature, wants to study whether the DMV should ask drivers if they have a living will. If the driver does, and wants the information recorded on their license, then Goodall thinks this could help in situations like Terry Schiavo.

According to the News and Observer:

“I’ve talked to a lot of nurses and people in palliative care,” he said. “They say there’s a big need for more education about living wills because families go through misery trying to make these end-of-life decisions.”


Gov. Perdue launches new Web site to track stimulus dollars

Gov. Bev Perdue today launched, a guide to services of the newly created Office of Economic Recovery & Investment. will let visitors track federal recovery funds in North Carolina, as well as learn about local contract and grant opportunities.
“I am committed to providing the people of North Carolina with a simple-to-navigate guide that is efficient, transparent and accountable,” Perdue said. “I want the people of North Carolina to understand exactly how the money will be used to put North Carolina back to work.” Continue reading