NC political upheaval, for a change

McCrory and ReaganIt used to be election season in North Carolina was a ho-hum affair. Republicans have dominated the state in presidential elections in recent years, so much so most presidential candidates don’t bother campaigning in the Tar Heel state. Not so this year. Barack Obama has spent $5 million in N.C. while McCain has spent $1 million. Change is happening elsewhere in the state as well. In one recent poll, Kay Hagen is up a whopping five points on incumbent senator Elizabeth Dole. And in the race for governor, Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory is leading Bev Perdue by a narrow margin. There have been only two republican governors of North Carolina in the past 100 years.


Finally, immigration court comes to Charlotte

Sue MyrickFor years, Rep. Sue Myrick tried to bring an immigration court to Charlotte. Finally, she has gotten her wish. The court will be located  at 5701 Executive Center Drive, which is off of Albemarle Road and will open November 4 of this year.

“This has been a long time coming,” said Rep. Myrick.  “An immigration court will speed up illegal alien deportations.  It will also help legal immigrants playing by the rules because they will no longer have to travel to Atlanta to deal with immigration matters.”

In next week’s Mint Hill Times, read about Rep. Myrick’s race with Democratic challenger Harry Taylor.


Dole votes no; Hagen says she would have voted no

Sen. Elizabeth Dole did not support the bailout package passed by the Senate last week.

Dole said Wednesday the proposal is “a government takeover of our economy with no protection for taxpayers.” While she said the relief package was an improvement over the Bush administration’s original plan, Dole said it does nothing to fix the housing crisis largely blamed for triggering the meltdown of the nation’s credit markets.

Kay Hagen, Dole’s Democratic opponent, was unclear about the bailout package at first:

“We obviously need action,” Hagan said. “But I want to make sure we get it right.”

But after the package was voted for, she decided she was against it.

“It’s a fix for Wall Street, not Main Street, and this isn’t a situation where we can afford to only address half the problem,”

North Carolina’s other senator, Richard Burr, was a supporter of the  bailout package from the beginning.

Video of Dole’s speech in the Senate:


Myrick to vote yes on bailout

Sue MyrickLast week, Rep. Sue Myrick voted “no” on the bailout package proposed by Congress. This week, she’s going to vote yes–a sign the package will get passed. From Myrick’s office:

“I don’t want to have to vote for this bill, and I’m not defending it. It’s full of things that I don’t believe in.

But, we’re on the cusp of a complete catastrophic credit meltdown. There is no liquidity in the market. We are out of time. Either you believe that fact, or you don’t. I do.

If we don’t act now, we’ll see devastating unemployment.

I did the best I could to get things in this bill to protect the taxpayer. Some of what I wanted is in there. Most is not. We are simply out of time. I’m voting yes.”


Civitas: NC healthcare on “downward spiral”

The Civitas Institute released a study saying NC helathcare is on the wrong path.

A compilation of several major health care indicators reveals that state policies designed to improve health care in North Carolina have failed. Health insurance costs are rising more rapidly than the national average, more children lack health coverage and the most vulnerable in our state have less access to care, according to a study recently released by the Civitas Institute.


Bob Dole is not in Kansas anymore

[singlepic=173,320,240,,center]Many of you might not have been aware, but former Senator and presidential contender Bob Dole was in Mint Hill Thursday stumping for his wife Elizabeth Dole who is in a tight senate race with Democrat Kay Hagen. Bob Dole was supposed to speak at the Chamber of Commerce, but when that fell through, Mint Hill commissioner Lloyd Austin inviting him for a haircut at Mint Hill Barber Shop. Read the rest of the story in Thursday’s MInt Hill Times. (PHOTO BY Adam Houston, The Mint Hill Times)