NASCAR loves Sue Myrick

It’s ironic that those who make left turns for a living are supporting the right leaning Sue Myrick. From the Myrick camp: Myrick Endorsed by NASCAR Leadersmyrick-image.jpg

(Charlotte NC)– Congresswoman Sue Myrick was endorsed today by NASCAR leaders Rick Hendrick, Jack Roush, Felix Sabates and Marcus Smith. Continue reading


Hit or miss with the early voting

2598939296_f89fd0434b.jpgMany early voters have a horror story to tell of long lines. But that’s what you get when Mecklenburg County sees it’s largest turnout ever for early voting. Mid Saturday afternoon, I had to go to the Main Library in downtown Charlotte to complete some research.  Passing Plaza Road library, I saw a line snaking out the door down the side of the building.Arriving downtown, I decided out of curiosity to see how long the line there was to vote.  To my surprise, there were only five people waiting to in line.   As a person who has zero patience for lines of any kind, I wasted no time getting in that line.  It took me more time to go through the eight page ballot than it did to stand in line.  What a pleasant surprise.


Goodall No. 1 in conservative effectiveness

The John W. Pope Civitas Institute, a conservative/libertarian think tank in Raleigh recently announced the results of of its conservative effectiveness rankings. State Sen. Eddie Goodall was ranked No. 1 (tied with Andrew Brock of Dist. 34). Goodall represents Mint Hill and Union County in the state senate. In the state house, Rep. Jim Gulley (Dist. 103) ranked 42 out of 122. Goodall is unopposed in the current election, while Gulley is challenged by unaffiliated candidate Mark Brody.


Voting early? Expect an hour wait today

[singlepic=242,320,240,,left] According to Roger W. Kortekaas, direct communications director for Mecklenburg County government, wait times today for people taking advantage of early voting is an hour at most locations. So far, about 17,000 Mecklenburg County residents have voted early. If you are voting today, Kortekaas says the following locations have the shortest lines:

  • CPCC – North Campus, 11930 Verhoeff Dr., Huntersville
  • Hayes Building (Ballantyne)11405 N. Community House Rd., Charlotte
  • North County Regional Library 16500 Holly Crest Ln., Huntersville

For locations and times, click here.

Photo courtesy of zzazazz.


New voters way up in N.C.

According to the State Board of Elections, there will be 850,00 new voters registered in North Carolina by November.  The latest registration report stated that there are more than six million voters registered in he state.  Around 2.7 million have registered as Democrats, and 1.9 million registered as Republicans.  1.3 million are unaffiliated. According to Gary Bartlett of the N.C. Board of Elections:

“Every urban county is going to be stressed.”


NC political upheaval, for a change

McCrory and ReaganIt used to be election season in North Carolina was a ho-hum affair. Republicans have dominated the state in presidential elections in recent years, so much so most presidential candidates don’t bother campaigning in the Tar Heel state. Not so this year. Barack Obama has spent $5 million in N.C. while McCain has spent $1 million. Change is happening elsewhere in the state as well. In one recent poll, Kay Hagen is up a whopping five points on incumbent senator Elizabeth Dole. And in the race for governor, Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory is leading Bev Perdue by a narrow margin. There have been only two republican governors of North Carolina in the past 100 years.