N.C. GOP to Dems: Support Obama on charter schools

Republican members of the North Carolina Senate and House of Representatives cited President Obama’s enthusiastic support for charter schools and called on their Democratic colleagues to join them in eliminating the charter schools cap.  Current N.C. law restricts the number of charter schools in our state to only 100.  A number of bills to raise or eliminate the cap are pending in the General Assembly. Rep. Jim Gulley and Sen. Eddie Goodall, both of whom represent the Mint Hill area, have led the fight in Raleigh to lift the cap on charter schools. Continue reading


Sen. Goodall wants to study if DMV should ask about living will

Sen. Eddie Goodall, who represents Mint Hill, Matthews, and some of Union County in the state legislature, wants to study whether the DMV should ask drivers if they have a living will. If the driver does, and wants the information recorded on their license, then Goodall thinks this could help in situations like Terry Schiavo.

According to the News and Observer:

“I’ve talked to a lot of nurses and people in palliative care,” he said. “They say there’s a big need for more education about living wills because families go through misery trying to make these end-of-life decisions.”


Gov. Perdue launches new Web site to track stimulus dollars

Gov. Bev Perdue today launched www.NCRecovery.gov, a guide to services of the newly created Office of Economic Recovery & Investment.  NCRecovery.gov will let visitors track federal recovery funds in North Carolina, as well as learn about local contract and grant opportunities.
“I am committed to providing the people of North Carolina with a simple-to-navigate guide that is efficient, transparent and accountable,” Perdue said. “I want the people of North Carolina to understand exactly how the money will be used to put North Carolina back to work.” Continue reading


Gov. Bev Perdue to visit Mint Hill Tuesday


Gov. Bev Perdue visits Mint Hill Tuesday to give a speech about how the federal stimulus package will be spent in North Carolina. Perdue will speak at 12:40 at The Park on Fairview. She will talk about the widening project for Highway 218, the second highest rated road project on MUMPO‘s list of shovel ready projects. The road will be widened from Interstate 485 to Anson County and will relieve the traffic which bypasses Highway 74 and is a popular route for 18 wheelers and beach traffic.


Myrick just says no to stimulus package

Rep. Sue Myrick did not vote for the stimulus package which will be signed into law Tuesday by President Barack Obama.

“We’re in a recession, and the American people are hurting.  I had hoped that Congress could come together, not as Republicans and Democrats, but as Americans, to find solutions that will truly stimulate the economy. Unfortunately that didn’t happen.
We’re slated to spend almost $4 trillion this year alone.  That’s almost $1 trillion for TARP; $1 trillion, including debt, for the stimulus; $1.5 trillion for yet another bank rescue plan; and a half a trillion dollars for an FY 2009 omnibus bill.  Where is this money coming from?  Foreign countries?  We can’t rely on other nations to keep buying our debt.  The only way I can see us being able to even begin to pay for this is raising taxes, and that will never jolt the economy out of a recession. I voted against the plan, but for the sake of the country, I hope it works.”