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Matthews will host workshop on caring for trees

The town of Matthews will host a two-part workshop called, “A Homeowner’s Guide to Successful Tree Care” at 7 pm on March 29 and 10 am on April 2.
The workshop is sponsored by the Town of Matthews Appearance and Tree Advisory Committee. The classes will be held at the Matthews Community

Center with the second class moving to Four […]

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Stories on illegal dumping in Mint Hill

In this week’s Mint Hill Times, we report on the illegal dumping in unfinished neighborhoods. Here are the links to the WBTV story as well as the News14 story.

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Did the Gulf oil disaster hurt local BP stations?

That’s the question posed by the Mecklenburg Times. According to Chad Earp, owner of three Earp’s BP stations, his stores in Mint Hill haven’t seen that much of a decrease in sales.
“Our loyal customers know that we weren’t the cause of this spill and they understand these individually owned and operated store owners take the […]

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A majority of North Carolina still supports offshore drilling

From the Civitas Institute:

A majority of North Carolina voters continue to support drilling for oil off the coast of North Carolina according to a new National Research Inc. poll released today by the Civitas Institute.

According to the poll of 600 likely voters, 56 percent indicated their support for drilling off the state’s coast for oil and natural gas. Thirty-seven percent said they were opposed, and 7 percent said they didn’t know or had no opinion.

“North Carolina voters consistently support drilling for oil and natural gas off the coast,” said Civitas Institute Executive Director Francis De Luca. “They understand how it affects not only national security, but would be a tremendous economic benefit to the North Carolina economy.”

Additionally, despite the recent oil spill in the Gulf, there has been little change in support for offshore drilling. Only 12 percent of voters said they supported offshore drilling before the oil spill but now oppose it. Fifty-seven percent said the event has not affected their support while 24 percent said they were always opposed to drilling. […]

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