Loaded gun found at Rocky River High School

A high school resource officer at Rocky River High School found a loaded firearm in the car of a student this morning at Rocky River High School. The resource officer was patrolling the student parking lot and noticed an open container of alcohol in the front seat floorboard of a vehicle on campus. The student who drove the car to the school, Asia Scott (B/F, 16 years of age), was removed from class and a search was performed on the vehicle in question. A knife and a loaded .32 caliber revolver handgun were located within the vehicle.

Mint Hill Police say that at this time there is no evidence indicating that the student had any plans to use the firearm. The gun reportedly belongs to her mother.

Asia Scott was arrested and transported to Mecklenburg County Jail for charges of having a weapon on school grounds.


Mint Hill police chief: no independent lab needed for SBI

Mint Hill Police Chief Tim Ledford, who is President of the North Carolina Association of Chiefs of Police, was apart of a legislative panel that voted Tuesday on reforms to improve the state crime lab.

The lab came under scutiny last summer after a report showed that 200 cases during a 16 year period were improperly handled. Most of the cases were the result of misrepresented blood work.

The panel voted 9-7 to defeat a proposal by Rep. Mickey Michaux, D-Durham, to have the SBI lab director report directly to Attorney General Roy Cooper and not the new SBI Director, Greg McLeod.

The panel also voted to rename the SBI lab to the  “North Carolina State Crime Laboratory” so that it is not perceived as an arm of prosecutors and police.

Most of the recommendations will have to be approved by the state legislature.

“We don’t know what to expect from an independent lab,” said Ledford said to the Associated Press. “Director McLeod has assured us that oversight has been put in place for some of the problems that have occurred.”


Perry’s Market in Mint Hill robbed at gunpoint

The Mint Hill TimesThe Mint Hill TimesThe Mint Hill TimesThe Mint Hill TimesIt was a harrowing morning for the employees and customers of Perry’s Market on Wilgrove-Mint Hill Road. Two masked men, one armed with a .22 caliber rifle, robbed the store Saturday at approximately 8 am, leaving with an undisclosed amount of cash. The suspects got into a vehicle and exited the store west, towards Albemarle Road. Neither of the employees or customers was injured.

The suspect vehicle is believed to be a blue/green two door approximately 3-6 years old. Officers are unsure of the make or model at this time. One of the witnesses stated he believed it was some type of Nissan. Mint Hill Police are following some leads but would ask anyone who may have seen anything suspicious to please call MHPD at 704 889-2231.

Here’s the set of events as told by Mint Hill Police:

Once inside the store the men went to the clerk at the front counter and demanded the money from two cash registers. The second suspect went to the back of the store and brought a second employee to the front counter also. While this was going on there were two customers inside the store. One of the customers ran outside the store and was chased by one suspect. The customer was struck with a fist from behind and knocked to the ground.


Mint Hill Police: House fire on Willhill Road was arson

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Mecklenburg County Fire Marshals determined today that the fire on Willhill Road Tuesday night was an act of arson and Mint Hill Police are asking the community for information. Officers noticed a large amount of black smoke coming from the area of Willhill Road at 11:55 Tuesday night. The Mint Hill Fire Department, along with Idlewild and Robinson fire departments, put the fire out in 35 minutes according to MHFD Chief Jeremy Russell.
No one was home at the time and no one, including firemen, were injured. The fire started in the back of the resdidence. Russell said it is still not determined if the home can be salvaged.
Mint Hill Officers are following all leads and anyone with additional information can contact Mint Hill Police at 704-545-1085 or Police Dispatch at 704- 889-2231 with any information on this incident.


Mint Hill family on edge after home is shot five times

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Beverly Cannaday of Mint Hill had thought about moving. An incident on Christmas weekend might have been the last straw.
A car described as an older, boxy model pulled up in front of Cannaday’s home between 3:30 and 4 am the morning of December 27 and fired five rounds into the house. Cannaday awakened immediately and thought her 24-year-old son was having nightmares and had fired a gun. He had recently returned from Iraq. She went upstairs as he was coming downstairs when Cannaday’s husabnd yelled for her to call 9/11.

Cannaday’s husband got a glimpse of the car, and saw the back window bring rolled up as it sped away. Other than that, there are few leads. Police arrived in minutes to the Cannaday’s home after the incident and reported they could still smell the gun powder from the shots.

Police were at Cannaday’s home again today looking for spent shells. A car near in the Heathergate subdivision was recently shot at, and there was a theft in her neighborhood in the past month. The Cannaday’s live in the Windermere neighborhood across from Independence High School.

Beverly has talked to her family to see if there were any reasons someone would want to shoot at the house. Her younger son is a senior at Independence and is well liked, Beverly said. Her husband and other son said there were no disagreements with people they know that could have caused this.

Police said this could be an incident of the shooters having the wrong house. Cannaday said Mint Hill Police have talked to neighbors, but there is no new information. The Cannaday’s have video surveillance around their house, but it is more focused on the yard, and not the street.

Despite the incident, Cannaday said she wants to stay in Mint Hill if possible, noting that where she currently lives is an area where East Charlotte, and its crime, is spilling over into the town. With no leads in the case, moving her home, she said, might be the only solution.

“I want to know who did this and why and until then, I can’t settle down.”


Another incident of man taking pictures of young girls

Mint Hill Police are on the look out for a man who is taking pictures of young girls. In the latest incident, a man was sitting in the passenger seat of a red full sized pick up truck Sunday taking pictures of an eight-year-old girl as she was playing in the snow. The girl was playing just outside her home on Atchinson Drive in Lawyers Station neighborhood. She told her mother that the man took three pictures of her with a Polaroid camera.
The suspect description is a white male with black and gray hair and a beard. He appeared to be approximately 40-50 years old.
The pickup truck is a red full size truck with some rust spots on it. Unlike the first reports, the suspect was not driving today. No description of the driver from today is available.
Police first heard about the man in the red truck on November 19 when he was spotted trying to persuade a six-year-old girl to come over to his truck as she got off the bus according to the mother. The incident took place in the Summerwood subdivision.
On November 22, the same truck was spotted in the Versage neighborhood off Truelight Church Road. Three young girls were walking in the neighborhood when the man in the red truck pulled up beside them and began taking pictures.
Anyone with information is requested to contact Mint Hill Police at 704-889-2231.  Information can be reported anonymously.