Spring cleaning leads to rise in illegal dumping

Trash dumped on Castleford Drive in the Chace Water Subdivision 4-19-11

Mint Hill Police reported last week that there is an uptick in illegal dumping of trash and debris in the town. With at least two dozen neighborhoods that have empty lots in town, and many residents cleaning homes and yards for spring, the police are asking residents to call the department dispatch to report suspicious activity.
In 2010, Mint Hill saw more than a dozen illegal dumping issues. The illegal dumping occurred mostly in undeveloped subdivisions and their streets, on vacant
lots and on properties with vacant homes. In addition, police report that there have been several issues with vandalism of vacant homes mainly at undeveloped subdivisions.
Lieutenant J.K. Rowell with Mint Hill Police said a “handful” of Mint Hill residents have noticed suspicious vehicles approaching vacant lots and vacant properties and have contacted authorities. Continue reading


Pellet gun, pot and a knife found in car of Rocky River student

Mint Hill Police have been busy at Rocky River High School. The school, which opened this year, has had one of the highest arrest rates in CMS in 2010-2011. On Tuesday, a school resource officer at Rocky River received an anonymous tip that a student had several weapons and marijuana in a vehicle that was parked on the campus of the school. The SRO notified school administrators and had the suspect brought to his office. Once there, the student was advised of the information that was received and escorted to his vehicle by the SRO and school administrators. A search of the vehicle was conducted and the SRO located  approximately 17.5 grams of marijuana, a pellet gun (which resembled a .45 caliber handgun), and a 12” Bowie Knife. The student, James M. Denton, was taken into custody and charged with two counts bringing a weapon onto school grounds and one count of Possession of Marijuana, both are misdemeanors.


Students create art to show how they would prevent violence

The Mint Hill Times Students from Matthews Elementary School recently participated in a Silence the Violence Poster Contest. The contest is sponsored annually by the Matthews Police Department. Students are asked to tell a story on how they will work to prevent violence using their artistic skills.

Winners of the contest are invited to spend the day shadowing the Mayor, Town Manager, Police Chief, Fire & EMS Chief, Town Clerk and other department heads in
the Town.

This year’s winners were:Front Row (left to right): Emma Banner, Lena Jarieh, Laila Ghniem, and Kaitlin Novak. Back row (left to right): Caittrin Sturdahl, Matheus Sadovsky, Emily Pureza, Max Hester-Newman and Julia McGann.


Mint Hill Police warn of scammers

Mint Hill Police are reporting that several citizens in the town have called to verify whether the department is soliciting money over the phone. Police say they are not soliciting money over the phone, and the phone calls are the work of scammers. They said that if you get a phone call asking for money, do not provide any personal information or donate money. Anyone with further information about these calls is urged to contact Lt. Garmon at 704-545-1085.


Safety issues at Rocky River High School getting more attention

WCNC reported today about the safety concerns Mint Hill Police Chief Tim Ledford has about Rocky River High School. Two weeks ago, Ledford told Mint Hill Board of Commissioners that their radios do not work in the school. He also said that with only one resource officer at the school, Mint Hill Police are having to spend several hours every time there is an arrest at the school or the SRO needs back up.

Michelle Boudin interviewed Mint Hill Commissioner Lloyd Austin who said students and police are at risk because the school does not have the equipment necessary for the police radios to work.

As reported in the Mint Hill Times last week, Rocky River High School has seen 56 arrests from the beginning of the school year to February.


Mint Hill police chief asks board for more help with juvenile arrests

The Town of Mint Hill could end up footing the bill for a new School Resource Officer at Rocky River High School, as well as a juvenile detective if the Board of Commissioners approve Police Chief Tim Ledford’s request for the positions.

The Mint Hill Times

Chief Ledford

Ledford presented his case to the board at its first budget workshop a week ago before and after its regularly scheduled meeting. Each head of town departments outlined to the board its needs for the next fiscal year. Mayor Ted Biggers was unable to attend to the workshop.
Ledford said Rocky River High School has seen 56 arrests as of February 7 of this year. Only Vance High School had more arrests in the same time period. Rocky River, because it is a first-year school, does not have a senior class. The school could grow by at least 500 students next year.
Other schools in CMS with high arrest rates like Vance have three School Resource Officers. Because of budget cuts, Rocky River was assigned only one. Mint Hill Police currently have to send one of their own officers to the school when an arrest needs to be made. They then have to transport the student to the jail in downtown Charlotte. Ledford estimated the trip to Charlotte takes about 1 hour 45 minutes, not counting the time they spend at the school.
Welch told the board that because most of the visits to Rocky River occurred Monday through Friday—an off peak time for the police—it hasn’t caused too many disruptions for the police. However, if the SRO at Rocky River calls in sick, then a Mint Hill Police officer has to go to the school.
Commissioners were concerned about the high arrest rate and use of police resources.
“Chief, that’s not fair,” Commissioner Mickey Ellington said. “They (CMS) want our money and police, but don’t want anything to do with us.” Continue reading