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Mint Hill police officer shoots man

A Mint Hill police officer shot a man off of Hoodridge Lane Wednesday evening at around 9 pm.
An emergency operator received a call from a man claiming to be suicidal. As 911 operators were on the phone with the man they heard a gunshot and lost the connection. Mint Hill Officers were dispatched to the scene. While en-route the man called 911 back and was crying and said there were children at the house and then said if officers arrive he will kill himself. He hung up again. […]

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Suspect arrested in purse snatching

The Mint Hill Police Department said Friday Brenton Tarell Samuels was taken into custody by Benedict College Campus Police, where he is enrolled. He was wanted for robbing a 67-year-old woman last week. He will be held at a county detention center pending an extradition hearing. If he waves extradition Mint Hill Police […]

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A Toy story from the past

By Joyce Lavene

The 35th North Carolina Volunteer Regiment was camped out at the Carl J. McEwen Historical Village last weekend. It was a cool night and a frosty morning for the soldiers and their families.  The renactors also have wives and children with them who help tend the fires, cook food and even march with the soldiers and handle weapons. […]

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Commissioners approve Planning Board recommedation

By Joyce Lavene

At its first meeting in March, The Mint Hill Board of Commissioners  were receptive to a request by Sullivan and Roupas, LLS that would allow an exception from the Downtown Overlay Plan so that a building could be positioned fronting a private street. The Planning Board recommended the project. Council voted to allow it, with Commissioner Tina Ross as the only dissenting voice. […]

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