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Founding Mecklenburg County father gets new grave marker

For a community that has been settled since the 1700s, there are many family names that still survive to this day. One founding father of the community, Sugar Dulin, was honored June 4 with a new headstone at the Philadelphia Presbyterian Church cemetery located next to the church.
Dulin’s original grave marker has long been missing. Based on historical documents, the family and church officials guessed where he might have been buried. Local residents Charlie Burdick and Harry Hood placed the new tombstone for the family. Both have been involved with restoring the three church cemeteries located at the church, along Matthews-Mint Hill Road near Queen’s Grant Charter School, and a location on Brief Road.
The memorial ceremony coincided with a family reunion for the Dulins. Sugar Dulin moved to the Mint Hill area in the late 1700s after serving in the Revolutionary War. Sue McDonald, administrator at the Mint Hill Historical Society, said his home was probably located near the McDonald’s Restaurant at the corner of Lawyers Road and Lebanon Road. At one time, that section of Mecklenburg County was known as “Dulin’s Crossroads.” (PHOTOS BY CHARLIE BURDICK) […]

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Newly discovered map reveals long forgotten Mecklenburg town


Sue McDonald, administrative director at the Mint Hill Historical Society, said they recently uncovered a soil map from 1910 that shows a long lost town in the area. While looking at the landmarks and towns, they noticed that the area where Fayetteville Road (now Albemarle Road) and Blair Road intersect there was a town called […]

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Independence student’s story is letter perfect

Eds. note: Cody Beyer was curious. The Editor-In-Chief of the Independence High School student newspaper wondered where the letters for the “Independence” sign above the clock in the school come from. After some investigative work, he discovered they came from another “Independence” building, this one in downtown Charlotte that was about to be demolished. Here’s the story:
In the 1980s many things about daily life were much different from they are today such as, the school was the biggest school in the state of North Carolina. What wasn’t different about Independence High School is the black letters that proudly spell INDEPENDENCE that hang above the back stairway in the mall area. Mr. Billy Earl Smith donated these letters to the school in 1981. They were purchased from the Independence Building that stood on the Northwest corner of Trade and Tryon streets, when it was taken off the list of historical buildings here in Charlotte. The listing had expired at midnight and five minutes after, the letters were taken down by Mr.Smith. […]

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Lots of events this weekend at the Mint Hill Historical Society

The Mint Hill Historical Society will be busy this weekend. Several events that were rescheduled from Discover Mint Hill a few weeks ago, plus events that were already scheduled, will take place this Saturday.
Discover Mint Hill was canceled several weeks ago because of rain. However, The Mint Hill Historical Society decided to reschedule the double-decker bus tour for this weekend. The popular tour showcases historical points of interest around the town and costs $3.
Historical society administrator, Sue McDonald, said even residents who have lived in the area for many years will be surprised by some of the points of interest on the bus tour.
The tours will take place as the historical society hosts its farmers market grand opening for the summer. […]

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Historical Society purchases land for future growth

If you recall over the summer the Mint Hill Board of Commissioners approved a unique deal that allowed Evans Construction a Special Use Permit for minor changes to its development behind Mint Hill Village in exchange for two plots of land that the Mint Hill Historical Society could obtain for its facilities on Matthews-Mint Hill […]

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Flight of Honor postponed due to conflict with Liberal rally

The Flight of Honor for World War II Veterans scheduled for October 2 has been postponed to Tuesday, November 9. The postponement was due to the complications of a rally in Washington the same day. The rally, called “One Nation Working Together,” will feature the N.A.A.C.P., the A.F.L.-C.I.O., the National Council of La Raza and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. […]

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