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Police volunteer program helps department, saves money

By Charles Kelleher Harris

Although Mint Hill is considered one of the safest neighborhoods not only in the county, but the entire state, Chief Tim Ledford says that any extra help for his department goes a long way.

To that end, in 2011 the Mint Hill Volunteer Police Service was created, sponsored by the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

For the last four years a handful of Mint Hill residents have taken out of their personal time to provide back up and support to the Mint Hill Police Department.

“[These] volunteers provide expertise and time to enhance our daily tasks,” said Ledford.

“The Mint Hill Volunteer ladies and gentlemen patrol neighborhoods and do paperwork,” said David Marcinko, a member of the MHPD Volunteer Service.

Volunteers are equipped with radio scanners so they are able to keep abreast with what maybe be going on in their town.

“If we see anything going on in our neighborhood we can radio for an officer,” said Marcinko.

“They receive vehicle training in vehicle operations, data entry, traffic control, presentations and webpage management,” said Ledford.

Assignments range from becoming a false alarm co-ordinator to fleet services coordinator and help with crime prevention.

Volunteers, after receiving training, will engage in neighborhood patrol, working security at town events and assisting school resource officers.

The department also has a vehicle assigned for use by the MHPD Volunteer Service when needed.

MHPD Volunteers do not carry firearms or weapons of any kind. They also do not conduct routine traffic stops are criminal  investigations, nor do they make citizen’s arrests.

“A lot of time time neigh- borhood disputes and drug activity have been [curbed] by the presence of our po- lice vehicle,” Marcinko revealed.

According to Marcinko last year the MHPD Volunteer Service saved the police department more than $20,000 through their volunteer efforts.

Currently there are nine local residents on the MHPD Volunteer Service roster, but more are desired.

“We’d like to see at least four more,” Marcinko said. The MHPD Volunteer Service is open to any adult that lives in Mint Hill. In addition to training, each applicant must pass a background check and screening. Interested residents should contact the MHPD volunteer coordinator Robin Imirie at 704-545-1085 or


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Mint Hill churches come together to Walk with the Cross

By Leah Schmalz

A crowd from local churches came together at noon on Good Friday to Walk with the Cross. The group followed a replica cross as it was carried from Mint Hill Baptist Church to the center of town. The walk symbolized Jesus’ journey to Golgotha before his crucifixion. 

The group stopped several times along the way […]

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Twenty five years of service

This is my 25th year as a doctor in Charlotte. A quarter of a century. Add in training and a brief stent in academics, and I’ve been practicing medicine for about 30 years. Why do we call it practicing? Despite continually trying for perfection, given the complexities of taking care of another human being it’s impossible to get everything exactly right­—and as soon as you think you do some bright person changes the rules with a new discovery or study result. I’m resolved to keep “practicing” trying to master my occupation until I retire my stethoscope—or whatever tool doctors are listening with at the time.

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Mint Hill Madness to debut ‘Madness Healthy Living’

This year’s Mint Hill Madness festival pairs new offerings with a lot of fan favorites.
The 32nd annual, family-friendly festival will be held Memorial Day weekend (May 22-24) at the Mint Hill Veterans Memorial Park, 8850 Fairview Road, in Mint Hill. 
Joining the traditional carnival rides, games, boardwalk-style food and arts and crafts vendors, this year’s festival […]

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