Showmars employee reaches 20-year milestone

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 1.48.09 PMCustomers dining in or stopping to pick up food from Showmars in Mint Hill have probably noticed a giant banner hanging near the registers, thanking Lanny Barr for 20 years of reliable service. Not only is Barr celebrating two decades of employment with the business, he’s also hitting that impressive landmark at the age of 38.

“We’re really appreciative of all that he has done and is willing to do for the store,” said Manager Tommy Racano, who has worked with Barr about five and a half years. “He’s definitely a valuable asset.”

Barr started in 1994 at Showmars’ original location in Mint Hill,

doing prep work in the kitchen. He was with the company when they expanded to their current, larger location on Mat- thews Mint Hill Road. Now that he’s moved up to assistant manager, his responsibilities are as varied as handling money to running expo to managing calls for to-go orders. “I like the people,” said Barr. “The people I work with and

the customers.”

Barr’s coworkers unanimously agree that he’s a supportive assistant manager. “He’s always willing to be flexible with his scheduling and help anybody out that needs it,” said Racano. A perfect example is his recent switch to night shift. While he had previously worked during  the day, Barr traded with another manager, Tia Vang, when he learned it would make things easier on her.

“That just shows how big of a heart he has, how he cares about me and

my family,” she said. Vang has worked with Barr for 12 years. “I just love him on the team. We’ve grown to know each other and I appreciate that he’s my friend.”





Mint Hill native says ‘yes’ to baseball park proposal

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 7.34.07 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 7.34.02 PMAndy proposed to Sarah at the Charlotte Knights Baseball game Wednesday night, July 30. Andy told Sarah he won tickets on the radio and she got to throw out the first pitch. Andy caught the pitch and then got on his knee and proposed to Sarah. She said “yes”. Sarah Rappe grew up in Mint Hill, graduated from Butler High School and Appalachian State, play softball at both Butler and App State, and is currently employed by OrthoCarolina. Andy attended Appalachian State and graduated from The Citadel. He is currently employed by the Columbia SC police department and the Air National Guard.  He served in the US Marine Corps for 6 years. No wedding date has been set yet.


It takes me to a different place

By Charles Kelleher Harris

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 7.30.05 PMGlenwood Barnes loves working with his hands. For the last 12 years he has worked creating beautiful custom made cabinetry.  But his craftsmanship with woodworking is only the beginning of Barnes creativity.  “When I was a kid I didn’t do to good in school,” Barnes said, “But I was creative.”  Barnes was born in Lancaster, South Carolina but raised primarily in Philadelphia. Barnes was one of 13 children.  In his late teens Barnes began taking art classes at a Philadelphia night school. It was there that his true talent blossomed.  Recognizing his skill, Barnes tried, unsuccessfully to garner attention for his work. Frustrated, Barnes put his brushes away for a very long time.  “I stopped,” Barnes recalled, “I lost interest.”  Meanwhile, Barnes and his wife of 25 years, Vernere, raised theirñ three children.  During the lull in his painting, Barnes began practicing Tai Chi and focused on woodworking.  After returning to Charlotte in the 1990s, his interest in painting was sparked anew.  While continuing to work in cabinetry with Metro Woodcrafter Inc, Barnes studied at Mint Hill Arts under Carlos Cotera.  Continue reading


Art Around the Block set for Friday


Join local artists and neighbors at the Mint Hill community’s first ever Art Around the Block event Friday, August 1, from 7-9 pm. It will be an evening of fine art, music, demon- strations, entertainment and much more.

Recognizing that art and other cultural venues are flourishing in Mint Hill, artists, neighbors, and local businesses gathered for a brain-storming session at Hawthorne’s Pizza and created Art Around the Block—an evening event to be celebrated on the first Friday of each month.

Art Around the Block will feature monthly displays of paintings and other fine art, along with pottery and gift items by local artists, music, demonstrations and home fineries—all in one easy-to-navigate block, complete with ample parking.

Carol Clayton - Rain in the City


Long-time bank teller fosters customer relationships

By Leah Schmalz

Jane Locklear, second from left, has worked as a bank teller for 27 years. She is appreciated not only by her customers, but also her coworkers, including Anna Pancamo, far left, Cindy Brinson, second from right, and Cim McComiskey, far right.

Jane Locklear, second from left, has worked as a bank teller for 27 years. She is appreciated not only by her customers, but also her coworkers, including Anna Pancamo, far left, Cindy Brinson, second from right, and Cim McComiskey, far right.

If you bank at BB&T in Mint Hill, chances are you know Jane Locklear. With 27 years under her belt as a teller, Locklear does more than handle the banking needs of her customers- she forms genuine relationships with them. “Not only is there the fact she is superior at her job, she is just a totally caring person,” said Sandy Reynolds, a long-time customer.

Reynolds has worked for Mobley Electric Company, Inc. for about 20 years and has banked with Locklear on behalf of her company throughout that time. Reynolds’ daughter even got a job at BB&T after graduating high school. “Her first day there Jane brought a fresh peach cake, and she knew she would like her,” said Reynolds. “She said everyone always wanted Jane and would be upset when she was away on vacation.”  Continue reading


Habitat Matthews looks to expand to Mint Hill

By Leah Schmalz

On top of celebrating 25 years of serving low-income families, Habitat Matthews is looking ahead to the future. The organization plans to expand into Mint Hill to fill a hole in the community. “We hope to grow with the community and provide something that’s not being provided right now,” said Development Director Dawn Folmar. “We’re concerned Mint Hill is not being served with low-income housing.”  Continue reading