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Fall is upon us: Here are some area festivals celebrating Autumn in the Carolinas

The weather is cooler and the kids have gone back to school. It’s time for fall festivals. The summer was very hot this year. Maybe it’s been a while since you spent a day outside. Pack up the kids, wear your comfortable shoes and bring some cash, not all festivals take credit cards although the list is growing. You’ll have a good time.

Some of these festivals charge admittance but many are free to enter. If you have a small budget this year, look for the free festivals and bring your own drinks and snacks. There are always samples and other freebies.
Fall festivals were started by farmers who wanted to celebrate and mark the end of the growing season. Original competitions were who could cut the most hay fastest and who could catch the most greased pigs.
You don’t have to own pigs or be able to cut hay to have a good time at today’s festivals. Just bring an umbrella in case it rains and be prepared to have a good time. […]

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A $10,000 challenge grant kicks off Mint Hill Arts fundraising campaign

An anonymous friend has given Mint Hill Arts an important challenge grant of $10,000.

This means that for every dollar the group raises (up to $10,000) it will be matched by this donor. Meeting this challenge means MH Arts will have raised $20,000, which is a great start for their 2012 goal of $50,000.
The group said […]

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Tax free weekend helps with the back-to-school blues

It’s time for the North Carolina Sales Tax Holiday weekend to begin. It will happen this Friday, August 5 and runs through Sunday August 7. It’s a good time to save some money on everything from clothes to computers.

There are rules for not paying sales tax. Certain items are exempt while others are not. Just because your child’s school requires a certain article doesn’t mean it will be exempt.

Clothing and shoes are exempt if they are $100 or less per item. School materials such as calculators or notebooks of $300 or less are exempt. Sports and recreational equipment less than $50 is tax free. Computers of $3,500 or less can be purchased and computer supplies of $250 or less will also be exempt from sales tax.

Fabric, thread, yarn, and other such items purchased to make clothing are taxable. Clothing accessories, jewelry, cosmetics, protective equipment, wallets, furniture, items used in a trade or business, and rentals are not covered by the exemption and will be taxed.

Participation in the sales tax holiday is required. Retailers can’t decide if they want to participate. Be wary of being charged sales tax and if you are, address it immediately with the retailer. The state won’t refund this money to you but the retailer should. […]

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Emotions run high at recent Mint Hill meeting


Speakers during the Mint Hill Board of Commissioners meeting on July 21 were emotional during the public comments period. They were concerned about the new Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP). Each had an opposition to “urban style, high density neighborhoods”.


Their concerns included increased congestion, less of small town feel and overcrowding. Each person said they had received a flyer illustrating these points and had taken the survey which was available on the town’s website until June 20.


A few wondered why the 2000 land use plan, which was supposed to be viable for 20 years, is already being changed.


Mayor Ted Biggers addressed the speakers when the public forum was over. “Most of the members of this board endorsed the 2000 land use plan. We are well aware of what is on it. The new plan is not finished yet. It hasn’t been officially presented to the board to be considered. The public will be well advised when we are considering a vote on that. Once board members are able to look at the survey data, we will open it to the public.”


In other matters […]

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