Kiwanis Club names May Terrific Kids at Bain

KINDERGARTEN: Michael Oliva, Diana Gulyak, Jaina Hill, Melody Deel, Ethan Blackmon,Stephanie Sanchez-Lopez, Reanne Santero.  GRADE 1: Kate Van Kest ren, Will Andrews, Madalyn Stanfield, Lucas Rudisill, Alex Fickett, Bethany Durham, Amelia A. GRADE 2: Ryan Williams, Alex Salguedo, Haiven Thomas, Ty Vogler, Mouaz Altarabichi,  Evilina Savchuk, Neyda Guzman. GRADE 3: AaronTrauner, Carly Alridge, Mallory Shaver, Cameron King, Xuli Dubbs, Frank Williams-Dowdell, Angelina Armstrong, Caroline Moore.  GRADE 4: Michael Golden, Cheyenne Vang, Jocelynn Coleman, Cristina Mendoza, Rachel Picarelli, Louna Abouainain,  Kiara Hogan. GRADE 5: Katie Joles, Cheyenne Coulter, Benjamin Henderson, Cambria Bondi, Grayson Sherwin, Sarah Leming, Mackenzie Strickler.


Kiwanis Club names May Terrific Kids at Lebanon Road

KINDERGARTEN: Terry Bethea, Riley Burnette, Ismya Hines, Malak Kadour, Nyat Zerai, Mia Blount, Coraima Roggero. GRADE 1: Amya Edwards, Rayan Altanani, Alexis Vallecillo, Andrew Yarmakowich, Jason Segovia, Nykell Sturdivant, Karen Linares. GRADE 2: Korbin Lambert, Marcello Meaders, Charles St. Bernard, Feben Zerai, Alan Salguero Munoz. GRADE 3: Keicy Cubillo Gutierez, Yesenia Tristan, Ivanna Shykal, Dylan Richmond, Kiara Maldonado, Ty’Zjhon Moorehead, Faith Smith. GRADE 4: Kevin Barrett, Michai Riley, Alondra Martinez Chavez, Katlyn Bedard,  Tasia Smith. GRADE 5: Gaylen Munguia, Zion Frager, Ruben Sanchez, Brittany Cole, Cameron Cook,  Emma Herrera-Simon.


Class of 2012 – High school seniors in Mint Hill

High school seniors in Mint Hill are finishing their last week of school and preparing for graduation.  In the coming week Queen’s Grant, Rocky River, and Independence High Schools will turn their tassels and celebrate their accomplishments.
Queen’s Grant High School has a graduating class of 88 students, and 95 percent of them plan to further their academic careers.  As a whole, the students have applied to over 90 colleges, and have been accepted to over 50, including Notre Dame, William and Mary, UNC Chapel Hill, NC State, Cornell, Columbia, Virginia Tech, Clemson, and Baylor.  Three percent of the seniors intend to enlist in the military in the next year. Continue reading


Bain Elementary wins recycling program in CMS

Charlotte-Mecklenburg School students have collected and recycled 8,000,000 milk and juice cartons, almost a third of all cartons distributed in the schools.
Meckleburg County was awarded $18,000 Community Waste Reduction and Recycling Grant from the North Carolina Department of Natural Resources. The grant was used to purchase specialized bins and signs. As an incentive five 1,000 prizes were given for the best carton recycling programs in CMS.
Bain Elementary was one of the five winners.


New restaurant provides new experiences

A new restaurant and bar is opening next week on Brighton Park Drive off of Matthews-Mint Hill Road.  Dunwellz Custom Kitchen and Pour House took the old Rookies location and will open its doors the week of June 11.
“We’re going to offer something that Mint Hill doesn’t have,” said owner Jimmy Toler.  He and his wife, Missy, own Dunwellz and have decades of restaurant experience between them.  They have a five-store plan, and Mint Hill is their first location.

Dunwellz Custom Kitchen and Pour House opens its doors next week. The new staff of 48 cooks, waiters, and bartenders will be ready to offer customized food and American microbrews next week.

So what is it that Dunwellz offers that Mint Hill doesn’t have already?  First: a diverse beer selection.  Microbrews are a growing trend in the United States.  According to the Brewers Association website “The number of craft brewers has gone from eight in 1980 to 537 in 1994 to over 1600 in 2010.”
There are several bars in Charlotte where the adventurous can find these brews, but Dunwellz is bringing them to Mint Hill— and in numbers.  The current drink menu lists 29 bottled microbrews and six on draft.  The draft beers will always be from North Carolina breweries and will rotate seasonally, and curious customers can order a flight to taste all six at a time.
“I hope [the people of Mint Hill] at least try it, because there are some really comparable North Carolina beers to some big names out there and they just don’t know.  And the North Carolina beers are cheaper, and you’re supporting your local economy,” said Toler.
The first line-up of draft beers is Big Boss Bad Penny, Cottonwood Endo, Carolina Strawberry, Highland Gaelic, Old Meck Copper, and Lonerider Shotgun Betty Wheat.  Some highlights of the American bottles are Bells Two Hearted, Dogfish Head 60 Minute, and Sweetwater 420.  More mainstream beers are welcome, too.  Budweiser, Yuengling, and Guinness are among the domestics and imports available in bottles.
But Dunwellz isn’t strictly a beer bar—they will have liquor and wine.  And it isn’t strictly a bar.
Its second unique offering to Mint Hill is its customizable food menu.  Toler spent years developing the Five Guys restaurants in Charlotte.  It’s a fast food-style customizable burger joint.
“We’re taking that kind of customization and putting it in a full-service environment.  The whole menu’s built that way,” said Toler.
Customers can order wings, salads, burgers, sandwiches, and kids’ meals just the way they like it.  The bread, meat, extras, and sides are all customizable, and nothing on the menu will be more than $10 and all of the bread comes from Artos Bakery in Charlotte.
Toler sees Dunwellz as a restaurant with a bar, not a bar that serves food.  As a parent to young children, he wanted to create a family-friendly environment.
“We’re really trying to fit in to the community,” he said.  He did his research at the baseball fields, talking to residents about what they want in a restaurant.
Dunwellz intends to make good use of its patio with large picnic tables and umbrellas, corn hole, and live acoustic music.
Bring your buddies, your kids, or your dog and welcome Dunwellz to the neighborhood next week.


The American POW Experience

The Town of Matthews will show “The American POW Experience,” honoring local Mint Hill and Matthews residents who were WWII POWs. The viewing will begin at 7 pm at the Matthews Community Center. Admission is free.