By Michele Dotson

A public hearing was held on June 12 at the monthly meeting of the Mint Hill Board of Commissioners to present and vote on the proposed budget for fiscal year 2014-15.

Highlights of the budget include merit raises for town employees, six additional Paramedics which would be funded by the Volunteer Fire Department, one town engineer, an additional public works employee and a narcotics detective, which would be funded with drug forfeiture revenues.

The proposed General Fund budget totaling $10,969,898 was presented with a proposed tax rate of $.27 per $100 of assessed valuation which is the same as the current tax rate.

“Our citizens and Board have much to be proud of with a tax rate of 27 cents,” says Welch in the written proposal. “At 27 cents, our tax rate is one of the lowest in the state of a municipality of our size.”

Non-departmental funds include auditing/legal services, insurance and bonds, telephone and utilities. Also included in this category are various outside organizations that are slated to receive funding from the Town of Mint Hill.

The following organizations were approved for funding; The Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce-$8,000, Kid’s Voting-$2,500, The Levine Senior Center- $5,000, Mint Hill Youth Football-$5,000.  Additionally, the Mint Hill Athletic Association will receive $60,000 to finance ongoing operations.

Street resurfacing funds in the amount of $450,000 was approved for the fiscal year.

Welch says the town looks at the roads in need of work and makes a plan to work within the budget throughout the year, but indicated that no specific roads have been yet slated for resurfacing.

The Tourism Revenue Fund includes hotel and motel taxes paid within the town limits, as well as monies collected from the Prepared Food and Beverage Tax. The Town of Mint Hill retains 75% of the funds collected, with the remaining amount shared with Mecklenburg County to fund the Charlotte Convention Center as well as the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Approved for funding from the Tourism Revenue include Mint Hill Historical Society-$60,000, Mint Hill Arts-$10,000, Pottery 51-$7,000, Mint Hill Madness-$20,000, and the Lion’s Club-$1,500.

Proceeds from this fund also go towards the continued implementation of the Town’s Cultural Action Plan via a contribution to the Arts and Science Council in the amount of $10,000.

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Wrap Up

  • Ron Freeman, Eddie Mobley, Michelle McDonald and Roger Bowden were reappointed to serve on the Park and Recreation Committee. Their terms expire on June 30, 2104.
  • Roy Fielding has been reappointed to serve on the Planning Board. Tom Gatz’s name will be submitted to Mecklenburg County to be approved to continue his membership on the planning board. Scott Fandel was approved to serve on the Planning Board, replacing Jef Freeman who did not seek re-appointment.
  • The Town of Mint Hill adopted a resolution requesting legislative action on coal ash in North Carolina and urged other municipalities to pass similar resolutions. The resolution urges the North Carolina General Assembly to require Duke Energy to pay for the cost of the cleanup both at Dan River and other coal ash ponds across the state and argues that the cost should not be passed on to tax payers. They further encourage the North Carolina General Assembly to fund and, “…empower the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources at a level that allows them to adequately and responsibly monitor coal ash sites.”
  • Evans Road, Deer Oak Lane, Fairington Oaks Drive, Northern Red Oak and Oregon Oak Court were approved unanimously by the Commissioners to be accepted by the town for continued maintenance.
  • Conditional District Rezoning was approved to allow a commercial building for the property located between Jimmie’s Restaurant and the Wendy’s. No word yet from Gem Cap Properties on the anchor store for the building.
  • Text amendment to add a brewery/tap room was approved as requested by Joshua Carl.