Anchor stores announced for newly approved commercial building

By Michele Dotson

According to George Dunn from Gem-Cap properties, both tenants in the newly approved commercial building between Jimmie’s Restaurant and Wendy’s have committed.  On the end of the building with the outside patio will be Jersey Mike’s, and the other side will house a Sherwin Williams Design Center and Paint Store.

“This is more of a residential venture,” says Dunn, “as opposed to a commercial paint store. The emphasis will be on residential design ideas and paint for the home.”

According to Dunn, construction should begin the first of August. “We have our plans into Mecklenburg County for approval,” says Dunn.

Plans indicate the project will be completed and stores open this year.

One comment on “Anchor stores announced for newly approved commercial building
  1. Disappointing that they’re using this prime real estate fronting 51 for another quick serve restaurant and a paint store. Mint Hill is sorely in need of more casual dining restaurants. Can’t say how many times we’ve been forced to visit a restaurant in Uptown, etc. for lack of options in Mint Hill. We’d rather spend our money locally.

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