By Leah Schmalz

The Mint Hill Times

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 3.11.48 PM“I believe that we’ll make 5’s!” was the cheer echoing through the gymnasium at Clear Creek Elementary School last Wednesday afternoon. The school held a pep rally for third, fourth and fifth graders in anticipation of End of Grade testing.  
“You say to yourself, ‘What is Miss Heath thinking letting us come in here and scream like maniacs two days before end of grade tests?’” said Principal Debbie Heath. “I was thinking you need a break. Today what we are doing is celebrating the fact that you are going to blow the lid off the EOGs.” 
After breaking through a “Rock the Test,” banner, Heath and the teachers performed a dance they had learned just for the students, who responded with cheers and applause. 
Independence High School’s Dream Team, a group that pledges to remain drug and alcohol free throughout high school, helped lead the event with a skit on what the students should do to prepare for testing, like eating a healthy breakfast. They also led cheers with the help of the 2014-2015 Independence High School Drum Line. Even the Chick-fil-A cow made an appearance, dancing to the cheers and passing out coupons. After the assembly the students filed outside to enjoy some ice cream.  
The school usually has an outside vendor come in to run the assembly, but decided to organize it in-house this year. “Our children love our school and they love us, so we decided they would really appreciate if we did something for them,” said Heath. “I hope it’s something we start to do every year.”