A budget workshop was held at Mint Hill Town hall Wednesday, April 16. The purpose of the meeting was for departments within the town to review their operating budgets and discuss future needs.

“There’s not a whole lot of change in the way of expenses for next year,” says Town Manager Brian Welch. “Mostly we’re just maintaining what we’ve got.”

The police department is planning to purchase two new police cars to replace older cars that have high mileage. There is also discussion about adding an additional police position.

A request is also in for a road sealer.

“This piece of equipment is used to seal the road where there may be cracks,” says Welch. “This keeps water from settling in and causing more damage.”

The idea is to use the sealer to maintain the roads by sealing small problems before they are in need of more expensive repairs.

Some replacement parts are needed for the snow plows.

“We don’t see a need for new plows, but we need to be in the position to keep them in good working order,” says Welch.

The synopsis of the meeting and each department’s presentation will be available soon and posted to the town’s website.

The budget is expected to be ready for a vote sometime in early May.