Stations of the Cross – Ancient tradition continues today

By Michele Dotson
Staff Writer

The Easter season is marked by many different traditions in the homes and churches around Mint Hill.
An ancient, reverent, and little known custom called Stations of the Cross, is offered at St. Michael the Archangel Anglican Church on Margaret Wallace Road, St. Luke Catholic Church on Lawyers Road, and St. John Neumann Catholic Church on Idlewild Road, every Friday through Lent.
The purpose of this Lenten devotion is to help the faithful to make a spiritual pilgrimage of prayer, through meditating upon the chief scenes of Christ’s sufferings and death.
For individuals without the means to literally travel to Jerusalem to follow in the footsteps of the Lord, the Stations of the Cross becomes that spiritual journey through time.
At each “station,” a specific scene of Jesus’ journey is depicted in artistic form. An individual or group, rotates to each of these scenes to pray and meditate about the significance of that part of his Passion. When the group has completed the circuit, they have, in essence, reflected on the short final period in the life of Jesus covering his visit to Jerusalem and leading to his execution by crucifixion.
Want to go?
Stations of the Cross is offered each Friday during Lent at the following times:
7 PM at St. Michael the Archangel Anglican Church located at 2211 Margaret Wallace Road, and St. John Neumann Catholic Church located at 8451 Idlewild Road.
Stations of the Cross is offered twice on Fridays at St. Luke Catholic Church; 3:00 and 7:30 PM.
For further information, contact St. Michael’s at (704) 537-7777, St. John Neumann at (704) 536-6520, or St. Luke’s at (704)-545-1224.

PHOTO BY Ellen Rummel

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