By Michele Dotson

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 6.06.33 PMThe annual chili cook off was held at Spotlight on the Arts on February 27 from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm.

Participants came equipped with crockpots full to the brim and accoutrements of every variety.

Oyster crackers, tomatoes, sour cream, breadsticks, shredded cheese. The possibilities were as endless as the flavors of chili and creative names.

Czec Chili, submitted by Gina Hall Luckie, promoted itself as The World’s Really, Really BEST Chili.

With names like Smokin’ Gatorchili, Death from Within, and New Kids on the Block Kickin’ Chili, folks who like it spicy were surely pleased.

The festivities began with a few words from Nick Stewart, Development Officer with the Arts and Science Council.

“ASC Believes in Mint Hill,” he says. “We work with Mint Hill through the Town Program Grant, and you have June Tunes, and Movies on the Lawn. The arts in Charlotte conduct $200 million in revenue and provide over 6,000 jobs and you are all a part of making that happen.”

For five dollars participants could taste the various chili recipes and vote for their favorite.

For an additional 10 dollars, participants could purchase a hand-thrown bowl from a Pottery 51 artisan to put their chili in.

The winners of this year’s cook off were

The event brought in $ for the Arts and Science Council.