By Michele Dotson

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 6.46.17 PMSome churches must endure a long search and trial period in order to find just the right pastor to lead the way. Thankfully, Wilson Grove Baptist Church is not one of them.

In January, Pastor Rob Mariucci took the helm at the long-established church in Mint Hill. For Mariucci, the move into the position was quick.

“I was member of the church,” says Mariucci. “I had been invited to lead the contemporary services we started in August, and when the pastor said he was being called to another church, I filled in during the search.”

The search didn’t take long.

The congregation knew what it wanted, and it wanted Mariucci.

“I wasn’t sure,” says Mariucci. “I kept thinking is this what God wants me to do? Sometimes you just have to sit back, be quiet and listen.”